Triumph Street Scrambler

A true off-road

Setting itself apart from the English brand's Modern Classics, the new Street Scrambler arrives more urban and modern than ever, bringing together all the necessary skills to ride wherever you want. For your journeys on the road or your rides in the countryside, a Street Scrambler would be your ideal companion.

The origin of Street Scrambler

Improving themselves

With the impetus to create a bike with more rider-oriented technology, intuitive handling and lower emissions, the Street Scrambler was born to bring excitement to every mile ridden. When this bike was launched it made it clear that the off-road legacy of the British brand's neoclassics would not die with the old 900cc model. A radicalized version of the already popular Street Twin range, which includes certain improvements to the behavior of the bike on surfaces away from the asphalt. Common denominator shared with this new off-road model.

These pieces are considered relatively recent and there are not many units on the market. With an engine identical to that of the Twin bike, a family to which it belongs with a Scrambler configuration and esthetics, adapted to both road and more complicated terrain, the Street Scrambler offers a more than competitive Bonneville engine that delivers optimum power on the steepest terrain.

Street Scrambler Endurance

On the steepest terrain

Designed for less favorable terrain, the versatility of its off-road style makes all types of dirt and road terrain accessible. The Scrambler was created for this mode called "scrambling", giving rise to its own style characterized by its high exhaust, wide handlebars, flat seats and timeless silhouette. Despite having a more country look, this model stands out for its smooth and balanced ride.

Street Scrambler Style

Smooth and balanced ride

In keeping with the harmonious spirit of the Bonneville and staying true to the brand's 1960s heritage, the Street Scrambler has pure lines with a more urban, country and casual look. The new Street Scrambler incorporates new standard features that reinforce its off-road look, such as the more adventurous footrests and the minimalist tank and fenders.

Its updated ergonomics makes the motorcycle more comfortable for any rider and its 790 mm low-height seat from the ground allows maneuvering, being able to support the soles of the feet and thus provide the maximum possible tranquility and handling.

Street Scrambler Technology

Driving safety

To ensure powerful braking with maximum control, the disc brakes are equipped with an ABS system, the front ones come with a 4-piston Brembo, and at the rear it has a Nissin caliper of 2 pistons.

In addition to that, the front suspension is a 41mm Kabaya telescopic fork with a bars diameter of 41mm. The one at the rear is a double steel shaft with a wheel travel of 120mm.

Street Scrambler: range

Torque-laden power

The Triumph Street Scrambler features a 4-stroke 5-speed 900T engine, water-cooled and a capacity of 65 HP at 7.500 rpm, more than enough to embody the robust attitude and the typical character of this model. Not to mention the sound of the same that does not go unnoticed by any road.

As if that were not enough, the range of these Street Scrambler is another of its strengths. Its tank capacity is 12 liters and its fuel is unleaded gasoline 95. Its average consumption of the bike is 4 liters per 100 km. This motorcycle allows you to ride as many kilometers as you want without any worries.

Triumph Street Scrambler specs

triumph street scrambler

Street Scrambler Accessories

Endless possibilities

The ability to customize Triumph motorcycles, is as usual, very wide and varied considering that we have more than 120 original accessories of the British brand with which to embellish your Street Scrambler and make it a unique and unrepeatable piece. This new repertoire of components ensures the protection, comfort and style of your new motorcycle.


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