Thruxton 1200cc 2016/18

Street Twin y Scrambler 2016/18

Triumph Parts and Accessories

We are manufacturers of parts and accessories for Triumph Bonneville, Triumph Thruxton and Triumph Scrambler, old and new generation alike. It is precisely the Modern Classic style the one that has shaken the Tamarit Motorcycles foundations since the leap to the digital world back in 2014, evolving and learning everything about Triumph parts and accessories. The fusion between old and new has taken us to export our Triumph Bonneville parts to every corner of the globe, with all the carefulness that the Triumph Parts deserve and need wherever they would be shipped.

Tamarit always strives for making the client’s life easier. making triumph thruxton 900 parts, triumph scrambler and of course the Bonneville EFI ones. There are already too many curves in our way to complicate things even more. That’s why all our Triumph Accesories are designed to have an installation almost immediate and the modifications on the Triumph motorcycles, non existent.

The main advantage you will have while making the order of our Triumph Parts and Accessories, as well as all our products in general, is the guarantee we already offer, since our work has been previously tested and analyzed by consumers worldwide. Clients from Canadá, United States, Triumph Madrid, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwán and, of course, every country from the European Union, cosign our quick, quality and eficient service as a trademark.

The affection we put on every Triumph part we handmade is possible to grasp on the final result, with unique finishes and designs made by those who like motorcycle just as our clients.

That is we would like to thank you for your trust through the only way we feel satisfied, by working for you to enjoy your Triumph on a way you’ve never experienced before.

There’s only left to thank you again , for being on the other side of the screen reading what we write and trusting us. Many thanks!