Cafe Racer

The Rebirth of the Cafe Racer

We did not invent the Cafe Racer movement, but we have endowed it with a 100% Spanish character. The Rebirth of a genre of British origin that kept half the planet in love, now returns renewed and from the hand of one of the largest transformers specializing in Triumph engines in the world. Do not miss it out.

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Cafe Racer bikes

We don't evolve, we create

There have been many of our works, but we still feel those butterflies when we start each one. And yes, we say our because we feel it. Although each of the Cafe Racer motorcycles that enter our facilities already have an owner, for us they are our small creations. We create new Cafe Racer bike projects in which we try to go down in history with each of our techniques, designs and details that we have learned over time and worked at Tamarit Motorcycles.

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What is Cafe Racer?

Ordinary is too dull

The Cafe Racer, in addition to being a style closely linked to the customization of motorcycles with Triumph engine, alludes to a lifestyle out of the ordinary. This is one of the characteristics of our Cafe Racer style bikes and what makes it one of the most requested styles: its distinction from the ordinary. 

Answer: The Cafe Racer is

But first, the esthetics

If you are considering getting a Cafe Racer motorcycle, keep in mind the golden rule: esthetics above all else. The design, esthetics and the sensations evoked by its details take precedence. This style combines English esthetics of the revolutionary ‘50s with the cutting-edge technology most requested by connoisseurs of these bikes, optimizing their performance and handling up to the next level.

How do I know what the Cafe Racer is

Traces of the past

A Cafe Racer is easy to identify: its timeless styling with sport low handlebars, characterful front fairings, larger capacity tanks, individual seats and set-back footrests to adapt the rider's position and make it as aerodynamic as possible. Hold on tight and enjoy the most aerodynamic motorcycle possible.

For Tamarit Motorcycles it is essential that our bikes adapt to the rider's personality and not the other way around. For this reason, no two Cafe Racer motorcycles are alike. Not only do they stick to a particular style, but without losing their essential characteristics, they adapt to you.

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Cafe Racer customizations

Cafe Racer for all tastes

Versatility is one of the most outstanding features of Cafe Racer customizations. You dream it, we create it. Whether you prefer a more traditional or a more sporty look, you will always find a Cafe Racer motorcycle tailored to your needs.

Cafe Racer Style

The essence of Cafe Racer style

Cafe Racer style motorcycles are not defined by a single style, but are characterized by their great versatility towards a classic and traditional style or performance and sporty. The essence of the Cafe Racer style lies in the ability to adapt to different preferences. Our goal is that the qualities of the client's personality are reflected in their Cafe Racer style motorcycle and that this ends up being an extension of their identity.

The essence of classic Cafe Racer style motorcycles lies in the attention to detail and finish.

From careful and elegant chrome plating, to comfortable single-seater seats and even tailor-made front fairings with great character.

On the other hand, in the essence of the most perfomance style lies the spirit of competition. The nouns speed, high performance and technology perfectly define its distinguished characteristics that make its driving experience so exciting.

Cafe racer classic

Stealing glances

The classic Cafe Racer esthetic aspect is designed for those who love the purest traditional style, design and the beauty of details. From golden chrome plating to neoclassical carbureted engines that look for that romantic sound of an engine that lasts through the generations. The classic Cafe bikes are par excellence, the ones that get everyone’s eyes.

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You’ll get everyone's eyes

We all love gasoline

The classic Cafe style motorcycles are the most sought after by those who love classic collectible bikes, typical of jewelry, the traditional smell of gasoline that has so distinguished the history of the engine and the timeless beauty that lasts over the years.

Cafe Racer style

Classic Cafe Racers

The characteristics by which we differentiate these more traditional Cafe Racer style motorcycles are varied. All of them share a neoclassical style made for lovers of the most purist lines, ensuring very competitive performance and capabilities.

Over time the techniques used in the aesthetics of the motorcycles have been defined and strengthened to the point of becoming an equally important pillar as the mechanics. In addition, a classic motorcycle can not miss some dreamy chrome that make the motorcycle look great. The meticulousness with which the chrome plating is applied is undoubtedly one of its strong points. Its high quality results in vibrant finishes that reflect the attention to detail and the precision of a well-performed craftsmanship.

The front part is mainly dominated by the front fairing, which is undoubtedly one of the pieces of design that most reflects the personality of the rider. At Tamarit Motorcycles we can tailor-make the perfect front fairing that best suits your preferences.

At the rear, the handmade personalized seats, either gel or cushioned, and the hydraulic monocoque frame stand out. All these features and many more, depending on the particular model, make possible the creation of our unique works on two wheels.

Cafe Racer Performance

As quick as a flash

For those looking for the adrenaline rush of speed and a limitless riding experience. The motorcycles with a sporty look have a performance finish that allows you to get the most out of each of the Racer feelings.

Racer feelings

On a Racer, you can feel its lightness as well as its high-tech engine, traction control, turbo, large cylinder capacity and power. Enjoy the feeling of acceleration. Step on the gas and leave everything behind.

Step on the gas!

If speed, high performance and technology define the bike you're looking for, you've come to the right place. The winning choice, a Cafe Racer that unites esthetic perfection and racer performance. The spirit of competition with a high level of performance and capabilities. Outstanding components with high horsepower, over 1200cc; new riding modes, Öhlins shock absorbers and Brembo brakes. Ready to go wherever you go.

Cafe Racer Style

The performance Cafe Racers

These motorcycles have their own characteristics marked by a sporty style. And all their features share a common denominator: they are designed for speed, to enhance performance and to equip the motorcycle with high-performance technological components.

At the front we find low, sporty handlebars that emulate the Cafe Racer of the 50's, with that competitive and rebellious spirit that characterized them so much. In addition, some of them have a shock absorber that helps to reduce sudden turning movements, which improves the performance and safety of the motorcycle. Unlike classic motorcycles, performance motorcycles have single-seat seats and resistant materials designed exclusively for each project.

For a Cafe Racer to be considered a performance style motorcycle, it is necessary that it has qualities such as lightness to make the motorcycle more aerodynamic and, as a consequence, faster. That is why also, at the rear, we find the leaning position of the rider thanks to the set back footrests that will also help in this process.

High-performance parts such as lighting and avant-garde technology are among the best components on the market. Also, by having larger capacity tanks, they can reach their maximum power and thus enjoy the adrenaline rush that these legendary engines provide.

The origin of the cafe racer.

Old rockers never die

The term Cafe Racer alludes to the style of the rocker culture that took place in the city of London in the 50's: a lot of Rock and Roll, motorcycles and racing. At that time, young revolutionaries, known as Rockers, customized their bikes in such a way that speed and agility were paramount.

This was one of the aspects that most distinguished these young people, converting the performance and handling of their motorcycles, getting rid of everything that was not necessary. In this way, they forgot aspects such as comfort, installing sport handlebars, larger capacity tanks, individual seats and set back footrests to adapt the rider's position and make it as aerodynamic as possible. That's how their bikes were: fast, noisy and lightweight.

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The first Cafe Racer.

Fast, noisy and lightweight

It is said that the Cafe Racer has its origin in a common practice of the Rockers, they listened to music on jukeboxes and before the end of a song, they had to arrive at full speed to other nearby Cafés and change from one to another in the shortest possible time. Not very conservative and with a rebellious spirit, the Rockers had fun in these fashionable Cafés where they met to talk about the Isle of Man races and the modifications they made to their motorcycles. A timeless style that hooks.

The golden years of the Cafe Racer

A timeless style that hooks

The reason why this movement is internationally known and has re-emerged on the map of neoclassical motorcycles is due to the fact that it is a timeless style that never goes out of fashion and if you add the most innovative and avant-garde designs, it becomes the most acclaimed neoclassical style by the lovers of these works of art on two wheels.

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Custom Cafe Racer

What you always dreamed of

The difference between the extraordinary and the conventional, the gap between what everyone else can get and something unique according to your dreams is narrowing now more than ever. At Tamarit Motorcycles we build the Custom Cafe Racer you always dreamed of just by telling us the idea you have.

Why a Custom Cafe Racer?

When you build a Custom Cafe Racer, you are immediately giving it a distinctive character and personality. Bringing your personal taste in every detail and design makes you create your own unique piece adapted to your needs and preferences, having the certainty that there will not be one like yours in the whole planet. In Tamarit Motorcycles we have years of experience and, therefore, we know how to shape that bike that you can't get out of your head.

Tamarit gives it the distinctive touch to your Custom Cafe Racer

One of the idiosyncrasies of Tamarit Motorcycles is that we firmly believe in the specialization of Triumph motorcycles, which, after a large number of transformations delivered to our clients around the world, has become a reality.

This exclusivity and specialization is an advantage rather than a restriction, not only because Triumphs are the best motorcycles for this type of transformations, but because in the end the fact of dealing with the same motorcycles always makes you the best in them.

We are not just an ordinary workshop located in Spain, we want to be the AMG of Mercedes, the Brutus of BMW or the Singer of Porsche. Tamarit intends to be part of that select group of specialized companies in the motor world creating uniques pieces such as the Custom Cafe Racer.

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Tell me what Cafe Racer you dream of and I’ll tell you what engine suits you best

With clients all over the world, our customizations have echoed in countless countries. But one thing remains unchanged, there are undoubtedly two engines that are indisputedly on the podium of Cafe Racer conversions: the Bonneville and the Thruxton. Two emblematic engines that adapt to the needs of this style like no other.

On the one hand, the Bonneville allows you to get a result quite faithful to those Cafe Racer of the late 50's but, without a doubt, the Thruxton is your ideal choice. The Thruxton engines have kept their structure intact with set back footpegs that allow a standard Racer position. Esthetic lines that allow to innovate on a 100% Cafe Racer base.

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Your Cafe Racer in just 3 steps

1. The process to get a Cafe Racer from Tamarit Motorcycles begins by filling out a simple form that will set the guidelines for a first contact with the team and in which we hope to know the idea of conversion that you propose.

2. Afterwards, we send you a personalized budget, the first sketches that will shape the conversion of the motorcycle and the contract to formalize the process. These steps are essential to begin to give shape to what will later be reflected in the final result.

3. If you do not have a motorcycle, the conversion is done with a motorcycle specifically purchased by the Tamarit team, to fit perfectly with the project. If, on the other hand, you already have one, Tamarit picks it up at your home and brings it back once the Cafe Racer conversion is finished. In both cases the conversion takes between 90 and 180 days until the bike is delivered. Moreover, you don't have to worry about your geographical location. Tamarit crosses borders whether you are in the United States, France, Italy or any other corner of the world.

Cafe Racer is not your thing?

What are my alternatives to Cafe Racer? If Cafe Racer motorcycles don't fit into your search for the perfect bike, there are a variety of other concepts that may be the option you're looking for in your project: comfort, increased motorcycle height, off-road riding, a combination of two styles, etc.

We kindly invite you to continue browsing the web and discover more information about the other styles of conversion for neoclassic bikes.


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