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#74 Renatide

Speed, technology and high performance

These are the three words that best sum up the transformation process of Renatide, the 74th motorcycle.

Thruxton RS Cafe Racer Renatide

Known as “the original Cafe Racer”, the Thruxton is a reference of inspiration in the culture of classic motorcycles. In the case of the Renatide project, we have a Thruxton RS as a base that maintains the spirit of the old generation, but providing a high level of performance.

Triumph Thruxton RS Cafe Racer Renatide

Renatide in numbers



91 LB-FT

Peak torque

108 HP

Peak power

Radical performance transformation

Óscar, owner of Renatide, amazed us with the purchase of a new Thruxton RS for the transformation.

Tamarit bike number 74 started on the basis of a brand-new RS, which arrived at the workshop without even having the license plate. Thanks to the trust that Óscar placed in our team to carry out the construction of his desired bike, it was possible to carry out a very radical transformation, which is so appreciated in the workshop.

Triumph Thruxton RS for sale Renatide
Triumph Thruxton RS custom

A gray Cafe Racer with German inspiration

The chromatic inspiration of the bike is focused on one of the gray tones used by the Porsche automobile brand.

Something that Óscar asked us was to introduce the gray crayon tone exclusive of the Porsche 911 palette, which can be seen in the seat cowl, side covers and tank. This color was not easy to find, but we were not willing to disappoint Óscar and finally we managed to add this color in the Thruxton cafe racer transformation. The rest of the bike is mostly black, highlighting also the red tone of the seat and power filters.

Exclusive redesigned Monaco

Renatide incorporates our well-known Monaco seat split in two, a redesign that has been developed exclusively for this project.

Thruxton RS Renatide

High performance lighting

Relocation of the speedometer for the incorporation of a flat LED headlight.

In Renatide a repositioning of the speedometer has been made, a work that has been necessary to add a flat LED headlight. This has improved lighting efficiency, due to the fact that it is a gyroscopic headlight that will accompany you through every curve.

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Tamarit riding experience

The riding experience of Tamarit motorcycles is one of the points that we take care of the most, for this we have included some of the best components on the market.

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To complete the transformation and improve the bike’s performance, high-performance components such as Free Spirit power filters, Kineo wheels or MD engine covers have been included.

In addition, following the high-performance performance concept, we have included a steering damper that helps to absorb hard turning movements. On an aesthetic level, something that we like very much and that we have also included in this cafe racer project, is the support that allows to leave the license plate floating behind the wheel.

I want a Tamarit bike project.

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