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The Triumph Thruxton became since its inception, the favorite bike for those looking to feel the power under the saddle, all without losing an iota of style and neoclassical essence. An engine that never leaves anyone indifferent and a safe bet to get a Racer finish.

To buy Triumph Thruxton is to buy a motorcycle that represents the English spirit of the 60s like no other. The history of the Triumph Thruxton dates back to the middle of the last century, with the increase in motorcycle production line by increasing demand.

The Thruxtons thus found their niche in the market, which was increasingly joined by fans of neoclassical engines.

The history of the Thruxton is also closely linked to one of the most emblematic neoclassic styles, the Cafe Racer. No other model has been able to dethrone the Thruxton. They are still considered the original Racer, unique pieces that are definitely worth investing in.


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