Brat Style Bikes

All our motorcycles works are based on Triumph Modern Classics. This is our transformed custom bikes catalog for clients of different origins.

The Brat Style motorcycles are along the Cafe Racer the most requested style or design by our clients. It is considered to be an style halfway through the Café Racer and the Bobber bikes, but preserving certain elements and features from both trends. Brat Style motorcycles are often considered as oposites from the Café Racers, since they prioritize the comfort when it comes to riding before style or performance. They are urban motorcycles for a daily use, with wide handlebar and robust looking. The projects Brat Style are conceived as a comfort response to the Café Racer style, being a cozy and urban bike, with no need to lean in order to ride it.

A lot of the most popular projects made in our workshop and the more impact have generated at the social networks and specialized motorcycle community on modern classic works have been Brat Style, since it is as we say a very common option for those who are not that used to ride a motorcycle but choose the perfect way to commute between home and work with most of the comforts.

Motorcycles projects as Pantera, Yunque II or the popular D. Franklin were considered to be Brat Style motorcycles from the very beginning. Some of the main elements that would build a perfect Triumph Brat Style as said before would be a flat and wide handlebar that makes urban driving easier, and a cozy seat for two passengers and probably the most important part and trademark is the exhausts system, set as low as possible, while the risen next to the seat are prone to be installed on the scramblers, Café Racers … etc

Your personal project:

Estas motos son los múltiples proyectos que nuestros clientes nos han encargado. Tenemos 3 modelos de proyecto : El primero, en el que el cliente nos manda su moto para modificar. El segundo modelo, donde el cliente nos encarga tanto la compra como la modificación de la moto. Y finalmente, cuando el cliente adquiere un proyecto TMRT en stock ya modificado y completado.