Bobber motorcycle for sale

The Bobber motorcycle for sale is a model that comes with an unmistakable custom Bobber style that transports you back to the 40s, a segment in which there is little competition today and that aims to resurrect the British brand with an attractive and peculiar Bonneville very relevant where retro bikes are booming.

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber for sale is one of the most overwhelming custom that have been presented in recent years. Now comes a new generation of this minimalist Bobber of the British brand that has demonstrated a level of authenticity and a combination with new technologies difficult to match. Now includes not only those technological solutions that have raised it to the altars of the custom world but also adds more performance features.

Triumph Bobber for sale: The custom par excellence

The Triumph Bobber for sale is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding novelties among retro motorcycles. Its unmistakable Bobber style will attract attention wherever it goes. Its single seat without cowl is very characteristic, leaving the seat in the air and part of the chassis naked, as well as the wheel and rear fender.

The optical effect of the swingarm makes it look like a rigid softail without suspension, although in this case the shock absorber is quite noticeable. The handlebars are very flat, which accentuates its bobber design. The Bobber motorcycle for sale will mount the same twin-cylinder engine of its sister T120, but redesigned to perform more in low and medium revs.

Triumph Bonneville bobber for sale: Unquestionable style

Another of the most special features of this Bobber motorcycle for sale is its single front brake disc, which reflects that precisely in its simplicity is its greatest appeal. The line of the bike is enhanced by the spectacular bevel slash cut exhausts with a special sound. The spoked wheels are black 19" front and 16" rear with Avon tires specially designed for this model.

Other notable details of this Triumph Bobber are in the spectacular engine cover in bronze, brushed sump guards, tank cover with key, silver and graphite.

The Triumph Bobber is of an unquestionable classic style, but does not renounce to the latest high-tech as the electronic throttle that allows two driving modes (Road and Rain), ABS, traction control and rear LED light.

Triumph Bobber motorcycles for sale: Imposing presence

For 2021 there have been a number of changes and updates to the Bobber motorcycle for sale. One of the important changes to the 2021 Triumph Bobber is in the adoption of a thick 16" front wheel and a new, more robust 47 mm fork, features inherited from the previous Triumph Bobber for sale.

This imposing image is complemented by the width of the rear wheel, both with classic spoked rims and black rims. The tires are the Avon Cobra developed specifically for the Bobber. For the brakes, there are Brembo 2-piston calipers and an effective double disc that is completed with a rear disc.

Triumph Bonneville bobber for sale: A greater comfort

One of the most striking aspects of the 2021 Triumph Bobber motorcycles for sale from 2021 remains the rigid appearance of the rear and its floating aluminum seat with hidden monoshock with tubular trellis frame swingarm. The seat has been ergonomically optimized and has greater comfort with more padding and nice stitching. It sits at only 690 mm, making it a very accessible bike.

In addition, the position is adjustable, as the seat can be positioned up and forward or back and down for different riding styles and comfort for any style and height. The instrument panel is also tilt adjustable according to riding position.

Triumph Bonneville bobber for sale: Custom Bobber from Tamarit

Valquiria is nothing more and nothing less than the quintessential Tamarit custom Bobber Black. The first of our motorcycles destined for a woman, the Tamarit Bobber Black represents unparalleled character and personality.

It is not simply a darker Bobber, but a variant that arrives with the same spirit, but with a much more aggressive attitude thanks to a 16" front wheel, a more robust fork and other details that will undoubtedly make it more menacing.

Triumph Bobber motorcycles for sale

Why choose Tamarit?

Why do we think you should trust Tamarit? Because behind a great bike there is a team of experts who dedicate long hours of work for the creation and building of it.

What could reflect your personality more than one of the most customizable motorcycles? Bobbers are known to be the ultimate custom bikes for their stunning looks and versatility. Dare to be the next owner of a Tamarit Bobber motorcycle for sale.


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