2021 Triumph Bobber

The 2021 Triumph Bobber is a classic motorcycle with an excellent performance manufactured by the British brand, Triumph bikes. As part of the modern classic series, this motorcycle combines the look of motorcycles from yesterday with the comfort of modern technology.

Bobber motorcycles have been around since the 30s and gained more popularity after the 50s. That popularity never faded through the decades and since the British manufacturer launched their first Bobber, they have been adding updates and modifications, so it stays relevant in a very competitive market. These are the updates and main traits of the 2021 Triumph Bobber Black.

2021 Triumph Bobber Black: Timeless style

It’s not all about the imposing look with the Triumph Bobber Black 2021, this motorcycle also has an incredible performance with its 1200cc parallel twin engine, which was updated to follow new emission regulations. The previous fuel tank only had a capacity of 2.3 gal., and the 2021 model updated that capacity to 3.2 gal.

This motorcycle has the characteristic triangular shape of the Bobbers thanks to the low single seat and the high and wide handlebar. The 2021 model also has Brembo brakes, 47mm Showa forks, and a monoshock under the seat. As for the electronics, this motorcycle adds LED lights and traction and cruise control.

One of the most evident differences between the 2021 Bobber Black and its “standard” counterpart is the monochromatic theme the first has. Aptly named, the Bobber black dresses in black from head to toe. This motorcycle is a modern interpretation of a timeless style, the Bobber Black has the best of the motorcycles of the 50s and the latest technology.

2021 Triumph Bobber for sale: Incredible base

The Bobber always tries to get rid of all non-essential elements, leaving a simple and lighter frame. There are people who say that Bobber motorcycles were the beginning of customizations, and it’s this minimalistic design what makes the Triumph Bobber for sale 2021 an incredible base motorcycle for customization. We work closely with every client so our designers can understand exactly what kind of customization they want, a good transformation must be able to tell a personal story. To make this possible our team of mechanics usually develops new parts to better fit each design, this has made possible for our catalog of custom parts for the Bonneville Bobber to grow over the years.


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