Triumph Scrambler accessories

The Scrambler family, firstly released in 2006 and produced both in carb and electronic injection setups, was given an update with some new models, keeping the mainly all-terrain design - with a substantial fork and the exhausts in the upper side of the bike - but with an enhancement of the benefits in regard to the engine power. Within the Tamarit Motorcycles team, there is an assumption that prevails over all other existing ones: to achieve a perfect match between aesthetic, functionality and ergonomics. Let us put it this way: The Tamarit philosophy is not that far away from the vocation of all Scrambler bike. We work day by day too to be in the cutting edge of everything we do, and that is why all our parts are leaded into a fusion of aesthetic, a functioning technical design and comfort in the use. All our parts for Triumph get to pass exhaustive quality tests, as they are manufactured side-by-side with engineers, mechanics experts and top designers - that is to assure unique fittings and rock-solid benefits in the road, which is basic for our clients. The Tamarit accessories count with a lifetime warranty in regard to the items made by steel, while the rest of the products offer damage coverage at a cost price for two years. All of them are designed for the bike and, in some cases, as in the side covers, can be customized with an ad hoc design, chosen by the client.

Installation of parts for Triumph Scrambler

If we are proud of something in Tamarit Motorcycles is that we have brought the motor world and the bike customization to the houses of people with no previous knowledge about mechanics, as they are now capable of install a whole range of accessories in our catalog with just a set of tools, thanks to its plug-and-play nature.

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