Triumph Speed ​​Twin Accessories

Tamarit's range of Triumph Speed Twin accessories allows the motorcycle to be modified to the customer's taste both esthetically and mechanically, to a certain extent.

Accompanied by its corresponding range of parts developed by Tamarit Motorcycles, the new generation of water-cooled bikes arrived with the great novelty of the Speed Twin, a versatile model for both city and action surfaces where only the most prepared bikes can enter.

Triumph Speed Twin accessories manufacture

As this is a bike that will be subjected to shock therapy on not so smooth roads and trails, all Triumph Speed Twin accessories are made with top quality materials, both fiberglass and ironwork.

As such, Tamarit Motorcycles has true experts in every field, with more than half a century of experience in the manufacture of custom parts, whether fiber for seats and fairings or metal parts for other purposes. For example, to protect key parts of the bike during an off-road trip.

Triumph Speed Twin accessories: style

The new Triumph Speed Twin accessories make it possible to change the look of many areas of the bike, from front to rear, with as little effort as possible, as these parts are designed specifically for bikes of this type.

Tamarit Motorcycles develops its parts directly on a test Speed Twin, with the help of a team of experienced engineers and mechanics, so in most cases all that is required is a gentle squeeze on the anchor points, or tightening the part with a simple wrench after placing it in position.

The sides of the Speed Twin can be fully customized with items such as side covers and engine badges. Like the fiberglass parts on other parts of the bike, they can also be customized and painted in the exact color of your bike, regardless of the year of manufacture.

Other details that should not be overlooked when facing a modification with Triumph Speed Twin accessories are the different exhausts available in the parts catalog, which will bring a great esthetic improvement in every way.

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