All you need to know about the Triumph skid plate

Handmade using very resistant materials and with different creative designs, the Triumph skid plate is a great addition to the motorcycle. All the models of the modern classics’ series are extremely elegant, but each one of them also has a very unique styling. Upgrading parts like the skid plate can help to personalize these motorcycles even more.

Features of the Triumph sump guard 

The measurements of the Triumph skid plate vary depending on the model, the materials are different too, they can be made completely with metal or have some parts with fiberglass. The fiberglass can be painted in a wide range of colors, which are the same as the originals used on the modern classics’ motorcycles. Installing this part is very easy thanks to the plug and play design. It has the same 3 anchor points as the original part made by the British brand, so there is no need to modify the motorcycle in any way to place this product.

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