Triumph Bobber Seats

Unlike other motorcycles, the Triumph Bobber seat is made for one person only. In other words, there’s no room for a passenger. Much the same as with other models by this brand, the Triumph Bobber seats are designed in a way that fits perfectly with the aesthetics of these unique models. However, as with other accessories the standard seat may not be quite what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, then there’s no need to panic. At Tamarit Motorcycles, we have a full range of Triumph Bobber seat replacements with the exact same anchor points as the original. That makes adding a splash of color or a Triumph Bobber comfort seat even easier. Even those of you with a minimal knowledge of bike mechanics should be able to install a replacement Bobber seat at home. If you’re not feeling too confident about the idea, then ask a member of our team for a few tips before diving into the job.

Why would I want a custom Triumph Bobber seat?

In the majority of cases, this question has one of two possible answers. The first, is to make the bike a little more comfortable to ride. The second relates purely to appearance. Whatever your answer, we’ve got all the options you could ever want available on our website. When it comes to the Triumph Bobber custom seat, customers are able to choose the upholstery that best fits with their customized bike design. Some opt for an understated black or beige leather, while others select more eye-catching colors that are sure to help your bike to stand out from the crowd. Those customers traveling long distances or taking so-called rocky roads often wan a little more cushioning than the standard factory model offers. It may seem insignificant at first sight, but the right seat can really mean the difference between enduring and truly enjoying the ride. If you’re feeling extravagant, then why not combine comfort and aesthetics to create a Triumph Bobber seat modification that is guaranteed to take your bike to new and unique heights out on the road.

Bobber custom seat materials

Each and every custom Triumph Bobber seat sold by Tamarit is manufactured to the highest standards of quality using only the finest materials. Our designs range from the most basic, to keep weight to a minimum, to the most colourful and luxurious Triumph Bobber black seat. Not exactly sure what your Triumph Bobber custom seat priorities are? Trust us, you’re not the only one. The important thing is you’ve identified the area you’d like to customize or add an interesting touch to. To start with, we recommend heading to the website to find a list of all the seat options available for the Triumph Bobber, together with a description of their individual benefits. If you’re still not sure of the best option for you, then get in touch with the team via phone or email to discuss your options and get some professional advice.