Bonneville T120 | 2024

Complete in every aspect

The Bonneville T120, an ode to the legendary 1959 motorcycle, stands as the ultimate embodiment of the Bonneville series, a name that resonates with historical echoes in the world of motorcycling. This machine is not just a vehicle but a living symbol of a golden era, a perfect fusion of tradition and modern technology. The "Bonnie" engines, as they are affectionately known, have long been the beating heart of these motorcycles, representing not only power and performance but also a legacy of engineering and passion.

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Price: €22.900
Engine: Bonneville T120
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The Bonneville T120, in its latest edition, pays homage to its illustrious predecessor from 1959, but with a series of updates and improvements that firmly place it in the 21st century. It incorporates the latest in motorcycle technology while maintaining the unmistakable classic style that has defined the Bonneville over the years. With a design that respects its heritage but is not afraid to look towards the future, the T120 is a masterful combination of the old and the new.

The engine, a modernized classic, delivers exceptional performance with smooth and powerful response, ideal for both long journeys and urban rides. The T120 is not just a motorcycle that looks good, but it also feels good to ride, offering an unparalleled riding experience, perfectly balancing power and control. Attention to detail is evident in every component, from the meticulous engineering of the engine to the aesthetic finishes that capture the essence of the original Bonneville.

The Bonneville T120 is a complete motorcycle in every aspect, a masterpiece of design and functionality. A tribute to its legacy, but also a step forward, combining the best of the latest technologies with the tradition represented by "Bonnie" engines. Every aspect of the T120 has been carefully considered and executed, from its ergonomics to its performance, ensuring that every journey is as exciting as it is comfortable. This motorcycle not only attracts motorcycle enthusiasts but also those who appreciate the art of design and engineering.

Considering its impact on motorcycle culture, the Bonneville T120 is not just a vehicle but an icon. It embodies a rich history, one that speaks of innovation, style, and adventure. Motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide recognize and respect what the Bonneville represents: a combination of heritage and progress, a machine that has evolved over the years but has always remained true to its roots.

The T120 is also notable for its adaptability. With customization options that allow owners to make it truly their own, it provides a platform for personal expression as well as exceptional performance. This makes it a popular choice for both traditional and modern motorcyclists, bringing generations of enthusiasts together under one name.

In summary, the Bonnie T120 is not just a motorcycle; it is a legacy in motion. It is a testament to human ingenuity and a passion for adventure. It combines the best of past eras with the wonders of modern technology, creating a riding experience that is both nostalgic and avant-garde. The T120 is not just a bike; it is an experience, one that continues to inspire and excite motorcyclists worldwide.


Type: Parallel twin set at 270°. Liquid-cooled. 8 valves. Single overhead camshaft (SOHC).

Displacement: 1200 cc

Bore: 97.6 mm

Stroke: 80 mm

Compression ratio: 10.0:1

Maximum power EC: 80 HP (3 HP added due to improvements, 83 HP)

Maximum torque EC: 105 Nm @ 3500 rpm

Fuel system: Sequential multi-point electronic injection

Exhaust: Tamarit 2 in 2 chromed stainless steel exhaust system.

Final drive: Chain

Clutch: Oil-bathed multi-disc. Assisted

Gearbox: 6 speeds


Frame: Tubular steel cradle

Swingarm: Double steel arm

Front Wheel: 32-spoke aluminum rim. 18 x 2.75 inches

Rear Wheel: 32-spoke aluminum rim. 17 x 4.25 inches

Front Tire: 100/90-18

Rear Tire: 150/70 R17

Front Suspension: Ø41 mm fork

Rear Suspension: Double adjustable preload shock absorber

Front Brake: Twin 310 mm discs with Brembo 2-piston floating calipers and ABS

Rear Brake: 255 mm disc with Nissin 2-piston floating caliper and ABS

Instrument Panel and Functions: Dual-sphere panel with analog speedometer and tachometer, and multifunction LCD displays


Handlebar Width: 780 mm

Height (without mirrors): 1100 mm

Seat Height: 790 mm

Wheelbase: 1450 mm

Rake: 25.5 º

Trail: 105.2 mm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.5 L

Weight: 236 kg (Weight reduced by fender elimination -10 kg and exhaust change -12 kg. 214 kg)

Bonneville T120: characteristics

The most powerful of the family

This engine went into production in 2016 and has two variants in which the engine color varies. The Bonneville T120 wears the engine in steel finish as usual, while the Bonneville T120 Black wears it in black finish, which noticeably changes its appearance.

This bike is powered by a 1200cc water-cooled engine, which delivers up to 80 hp of power. The regulation by which it is governed is Euro 5 and is obviously fueled by gasoline. A motorcycle for much more than just moving from one place to another.

The dual 310mm discs with Brembo floating calipers and 2 pistons, along with ABS, provide precise and secure braking. A component that enhances the motorcycle's responsiveness and control, raising safety standards on the road.

The LED headlight installed on Evasion provides powerful and efficient illumination, enhancing nighttime visibility and increasing driver safety.

The Tamarit exhaust system installed on the Evasion provides superior performance and adds 3hp to the motorcycle. Power and style merge for a unique experience on every journey.

The advanced braking system, featuring dual 310mm front floating brake discs and Brembo M50 monoblock 4-piston radial calipers with ABS, delivers exceptional control, superior braking power, and increased safety, ensuring a reliable and thrilling riding experience.

Small turn signals offer a compact and aerodynamic style that enhances both aesthetics and visibility. Their reduced size does not compromise safety but enhances the appearance, providing a modern and functional touch to the motorcycle.

The Hagon rear shock absorber enhances stability and comfort on your motorcycle, providing smooth handling and precise control.

The break-in of this limited edition Bonneville T120 has been enhanced with Heidenau K60 dual-purpose tires. These dual-use tires feature a "V"-shaped tread pattern designed to provide outstanding grip in wet conditions and excellent water evacuation capability.

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Origin of the Bonneville T120

New and old

The Triumph Bonneville T120 harmonizes the two worlds within its perfect balance of new and old. It is one of the archetype bikes of this new generation of neoclassics of the British brand. A tradition that stretches back half a century and converges in this model.

This bike is the perfect balance between classic and modern. A result that is, above all, versatile, combining classic esthetics with the latest generation of riding performance, brought to you by decades of experience.

triumph bonneville t120
triumph bonneville t120

Dimensions of Triumph Bonneville T120

From one place to another

With a length of 2170 mm by 785 mm wide, the Bonneville T120 has its highest point at 1125 mm to the ground. A weight of 224 kg and a tank capacity of 14.5 liters. A motorcycle ready for anything.

In the front, the Bonneville T120 is equipped with a Kabaya telescopic fork with a diameter of 41mm, and in the rear there is a double steel shaft with preload regulation. Regarding the brakes, this Bonneville is fitted on both sides with two floating Nissin with ABS system.

triumph bonneville t120

Bonneville T120 Styles

To each their T120

The variety of styles in which fits the Bonneville T120 is huge, depending on the one you choose, you can give a personal touch that fits the end result you're looking for.

One of the most demanded styles by those who have this bike, is the Bonneville Brat Style, a style devoted to city riding in day-to-day use. Not forgetting another of the most popular styles for the Bonneville T120, the Cafe Racer, with a totally classic esthetic.

If, on the other hand, you want a Bonneville for off-road riding, there are other more appropriate options to convert your T120 into a Bonneville Scrambler, empowering it with an all-terrain identity, ideal for a comfy riding no matter the surface.

1/50 limited units Evasion Escape from the routine
Price: 22,900€
Engine: Bonneville T120
Delivery: Immediate*²