Triumph Bonneville Scrambler

Boundless character

The Bonneville Scrambler is the perfect fusion of two ways of understanding motorcycle riding. The versatility of the Bonneville and the boundless character of a Scrambler, resulting in a unique and special bike.

The Triumph Bonneville Scrambler combination

In search of new sensations

Not all bikes are designed for riding on pavement and roads. Many of them are designed from the desire for action and any kind of adventure, sensations that seek all those who decide on a Triumph Bonneville Scrambler. Motorcycles prepared and conditioned for use on rough terrain.

A unique opportunity to give a radical and out-of-the-ordinary touch with modifications that touch the perfect balance between style and aggressiveness.

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Triumph Bonneville Scrambler characteristics

Ready to ride on dirt

The characteristics of the Triumph Bonneville Scrambler have to do mainly with its preparation for off-road riding. Like any off-road bike, the preparations of this style have bulky front and rear fenders to ensure visibility in the middle of an off-road journey.

Bonneville Scrambler Components

In the middle of an off-road journey

Similarly, the performance components are also changed, especially according to areas like suspension and grip. That is the reason why key parts as suspension or the tires are improved and substituted by high-efficiency shock absorbers or knobby tires, more indicated for these usages.


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