Triumph Bonneville Brat Style

Comfort and versatility

The Triumph Bonneville Brat Style propose and promise only what they will fulfill, a comfortable and manageable motorcycle for everyday use. Ideal for getting around town and commuting between the city, home and work.

The combination Triumph Bonneville Brat Style

Suitable for the city

The Triumph Bonneville Brat Style motorcycle is a bike that manages to bring together two concepts: the versatility of the Bonneville engines, with the possibility of having a motorcycle suitable for any situation; and the Brat Style, which adapts the motorcycle perfectly for urban use.

A combination of engine and styling very popular with those looking to do a modification on a Bonneville.

triumph bonneville brat style tamarit tiger

Strict esthetic canon

One thing that characterizes the Triumph Bonneville Brat Style is, above all, the comfort of the bike for daily use and short distances, especially for trips through the city.

An upright position, friendly handlebars and a natural posture are the main advantages that a motorcycle of these characteristics can provide, once modified to this urban style.

Triumph Bonneville Brat Style exhausts

Urban style

One of the non-negotiable features of a Bonneville Brat Style motorcycle is undoubtedly the exhaust system. This should always be positioned away from the rider, as close to the ground as possible, unlike an off-road bike.

Being a style that moves away from uneven surfaces, it can afford the esthetic luxury of placing the exhausts low, unlike the Scrambler style, which because of the risk of damaging the exhausts, are placed as high as possible.

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