Tamarit Motorcycles

It's not what you see, it's what you feel

We are a Spanish motorcycle brand that has managed to awaken not only the passion of others for their work, but has promoted a new lifestyle.

We move in a world in which not only the aesthetic part is important, but also everything that makes us feel alive. When you drive, we want you to feel everything you've always dreamed of, proud to drive a Tamarit.

More than 120 unique creations

A Spanish motorcycle brand

We are passionate about our work, we take care of every detail of each of our projects to offer an exclusive experience from start to finish.

We handle work techniques and manage an operation that leaves us without competition in our sector.


My Tamarit

Enjoy a personalized experience when purchasing your motorcycle. Learn about the operation and all the benefits you can enjoy when you buy a Tamarit.

Accessories for your bike

Tamarit Parts

More than 250 parts designed exclusively to represent the aesthetics of Tamarit motorcycles.