Dirt track style Triumph motorcycles

All our motorcycles works are based on Triumph Modern Classics. This is our transformed custom bikes catalog for clients of different origins.

These motorcycles are our Dirt Track projects so far, an style highlighted for its agressive lines and it’s clear focus on the non-asphalted surfaces. The Triumph Dirt Track are specially designed for trips through dirt, soil and every surface, being a an style very requested for the lover of thrilling activites and the most demanding courses outside the highway.

The style known as Dirt Track it’s still barely known across Europe, and completely unknown in Spain. Nevertheless Tamarit Motorcycles have had this style always present in their projects, specially on those where have been made without a client request, like the spectacular Super Star or one of Neptuno variants. The accessories for a Triumph Dirt Track have to be risky and breaking, getting out of any classic cannon like the Café Racer, being Tamarit Motorcycles able to create radical parts as the front mask Dirt Track style, or the Dirt Track seat that was released for the first time on the Moto Veloz project. Tamarit motorcycles bet for that style since we start making projects and it has become a usual choice for those who a different path on their motorcycle makeover.

Tamarit’s set of Dirt Track parts are very popular at the american market, so linked to this style, since it was there where everything began during the 70’s, on the popular oval dirt circuits races. Other elements that we could highlight and link with the products range of Tamarit for Dirt Track bikes are the front fender absence, and the inclusion instead of the fork protectors, which are also available on sale at the online shop.

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The bikes above are the many projects that our clients tasked to us. Tamarit Motorcycles usually works based on 3 project models: The first one, the client sends his Triumph to our workshop to be modified as desired. The second, Tamarit buys and modifies the motorcycle under client’s request and desires. And finally, the client purchases an stock motorcycle, a finished project already modified.