Dirt Track

Speed and engine

It is a style that is difficult to find on neoclassical motorcycles, only used by a daring few who are looking for a more extreme racing look. A style coming from American lands that proposes a totally groundbreaking concept and opposite to some of the most popular classic styles. Only suitable for a few.

Origin of Dirt Track

Dirt Ovals

The origin of the Dirt Track style dates back to the early 20th century in the United States. Dirt track began to take shape with the emergence of races that took place on wooden ovals with a 45º incline, although at that time they were known as Board Track races and the participants raced on bicycles.

Before long, motor racing and speed were introduced, turning these races into extraordinary high-risk shows.

Dirt track

Origin of Dirt Track

High-risk shows

The steepness of the slopes caused the riders to tip over towards the inside of the track, making it impossible to evacuate the riders in the event of an accident. To try to reduce these safety problems, it was decided to move these races from the wooden enclosures to the dirt ones, keeping the same oval shape on the track.

Thus, began one of the disciplines with the greatest presence in North America and which, subsequently, would continue to expand throughout the rest of the world.

Dirt Track Bikes

The most daring at the track

The Dirt Track bikes are characterised by their great personality in design, eye-catching colours for those fans of racing motorcycles. A finish faithful to their origin but which, unlike the original Dirt Track bikes, have been conceived to enjoy riding and not to compete.

Motorcycles with noticeable aesthetic lines inherited from the purest current of dirt racing competition, far removed from the classic canon of other styles. To achieve a Dirt Track conversion, an extra level of risk is required by opting for a more radical and personal set of parts.

Characteristics of Dirt Track bikes

More radical and personal

An off-road character, accompanied by more aggressive lines, focused on unpaved areas. A concept in high demand by those looking for a transgressive motorcycle designed for action. A style that includes customisable parts such as the numbered front end and the square side covers on the sides.

In addition, its silhouette is also characterised by mixed tires and a single-seater seat. All these features are aimed at creating the most aerodynamic position possible to increase speed.

Dirt Track engines

Who will win?

If you're one of those intrepid riders for whom Dirt Track is the option you've been looking for, the next step is to find out which engine you need to start your conversion. Typically, the most commonly used bases for this type of conversion are Scrambler or Bonneville.

On the one hand, the Scramblers already have those off-road characteristics we mentioned earlier, so the Dirt Track style conversion is much simpler. On the other hand, the Bonneville's versatility means it can be adapted to almost any kind of classic style without much hassle.


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