Triumph Street Twin

Fun at your fingertips

Low-cost, entertaining and comfortable, the Triumph Street Twin bursts onto the world of motoring to deliver a ride like no other. Never before has it been so easy to grab the handlebars of one of Triumph's most popular Modern Classics, accessible to all budgets and admired for leaving no one indifferent.

Street Twin History

New generation

The Street Twin shares the genes of Triumph's 1959 neoclassical heritage that shaped a generation of riders and is able to retain all the English brand's DNA without losing the classic harmony that characterises it.

Spruced up and introduced as an invention in the new generation of liquid-cooled bikes, this bike becomes the brand's most economical and affordable range. Even so, this bike still manages to retain a high level of capability and performance with a class and British personality that is a real head-turner.

triumph street twin

Street Twin: characteristics

A real head-turner

On the back of a Street Twin, excitement is guaranteed. While maintaining each of its hallmarks, one of its most important renovations is its engine which, while not being one of the most powerful, achieves a more than competitive response, while being clean and efficient due to its adaptation to the Euro 5 emission standard.

In addition to its remarkable machinery, its discreet elegance is highlighted by the addition of new premium features including new alloy wheels with mechanised details, new body finishes and a host of upgraded accessories.

triumph street twin

Street Twin: Models

Upgraded accessories

Initially, the Street Twin was released in a basic two-seater seat configuration and basic colours such as cranberry red, black and grey. Not long after, this bike also had a paint and styling variation called the Triumph Street Cup, which consisted of a colour scheme inspired by the racing paints of that time, yellow details running the length of the bike, including its two unique pieces: a single-seat racing cowl and a small front fairing.

A new colour range debuts for the new season, including Matt Iron Stone and the inclusion of the Street Cup's racing cowl, now also available on the main model.

All in all, the new Street Twin stands out for its pure functionality that, while retaining its distinctive features, offers new ergonomics with the body of the bike between the handlebars, the seat and the footrests. With the addition of a two-seater seat with thicker cushioning to make your rides more enjoyable and comfortable, the Street Twin has all the makings of an ideal candidate.

Street Twin: made just for you

The ideal candidate

While there are countless possibilities for customising and converting our bikes, one of the reasons you'll love a Street Twin is that it doesn't require a radical conversion because it has competitive standard parts that allow you to take full advantage of its quality and performance.

In addition to belonging to the most economical range with good financing and having a standard structure with little room for improvement, another aspect that makes this bike so accessible is that it meets the requirements of the A2 driving licence. This bike is perfect for novice riders looking to experience the riding sensation of a modern all-rounder that's tailored to suit you.


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Styles for a Street Twin

Tailored to suit you

Even considering that these bikes can be converted into various styles given their versatile character similar to a Triumph Bonneville, the Cafe Racer style is often favoured as the father of all classic motorcycle styles from which much of the whole movement has been based.

This set of clearly defined Cafe Racer aesthetics has always been characterised by a single-seater seat and a sportier riding position due to its semi handlebars. The whole aesthetic of the bike in general is frozen in time leaving a completely timeless and irresistible Racer bike.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a bike mainly for medium distances and city riding, the Brat Style is one of the styles that fits naturally into this range. A trend originating in Japan that proposes a motorcycle for urban use and a comfortable riding position with the exhausts always on the lower part of the bike that will give you a comfortable and functional ride.