Triumph motorcycle exhaust

Triumph motorbike exhausts are manufactured by the best professionals, using high-quality materials, and following a wide range of designs to match the different styles of each bike. The British brand's models have a history and character that makes them a great base bike for customisation, and upgrading the exhausts is a great way to start customising them.

Features of Triumph custom exhaust

Exhausts can change the whole personality of your bike. The options are endless, you can choose an off-road look or go the other way and go for a more urban style. There are also many different types: Triumph 2 in 1 exhaust, Triumph slip-on exhaust, Triumph shorty exhaust, and many more. Exhausts for Triumph motorbikes are made of stainless steel, a very resistant material that requires minimal maintenance, as it does not show any imperfections or scratches that may occur on the road.

Installation of the Triumph aftermarket exhaust

The replacement of the old Triumph exhausts with these new ones is very simple, as the installation does not require any major changes to the motorbike. We recommend resetting the ECU when replacing the exhausts. Although the installation is very simple, we recommend that a professional mechanic supervises the installation to ensure that the installation is correct and safe.

More information on Triumph exhausts

Go to the description page of any exhaust for a more detailed description of the product, the size, the installation process, and a form you can use to request more information from our team. In this description, you will also find if the exhaust is EU-approved.


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