Triumph Street Scrambler accessories

The wide range of Tamarit’s Triumph Street Scrambler accessories leaves plenty of room to modify the bike to the taste of the client, either aesthetically or mechanically. Alongside our range of corresponding parts developed by Tamarit Motorcycles, the new generation of water-cooled bikes arose with the major innovation that the Street Scrambler represented, a multipurpose model ready for the city and a more complex surface, where only the most prepared bikes dare to enter.

Since it is a bike that will be ridden through routes and bumpy roads, all Tamarit Triumph Street Scrambler accessories are made of top quality materials, either fiberglass or steel.

That is why Tamarit Motorcycles only works with top-class workshops and companies, usually with over half a century of expertise in the making of custom parts: both for the seats and fairings and for the metal parts, as the ones protecting key areas of the bike when going off-road.

Triumph Street Scrambler accessories manufacture

The new Triumph Street Scrambler accessories allow the customisation of different areas of the bike, from the front to the rear with little effort, since they are specially designed for this kind of bikes. Tamarit Motorcycles develops the parts right on a test Street Scrambler, with the help of a team of expert engineers and mechanics, so the part would attach to the bike applying little pressure on the anchor points or just using a simple wrench to tighten it up.

The Street Scrambler sides can be completely customised thanks to a lot of parts like the side covers and engine badges, which, as the rest of the fiberglass parts of the bike, can be customised and painted matching your bike color regardless of the year of manufacture.

Other details that should not be overlooked when it comes to customisations with the Triumph Street Scrambler accessories are the different exhaust available that would give a huge aesthetic improvement in every sense.

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