Thruxton R

Enhancing the Racer virtues

The Triumph Thruxton R belongs to a dynasty that has been key in the history of motorcycling and represents a step forward in the brand's high cylinder capacity engines. An icon of the Cafe Racer trend that will delight a whole generation of fans of classic styles but with power.

How are the Triumph Thruxton R?

An inspiration for neoclassical motorcycling

Pushing the boundaries known to neoclassic bikes, the Triumph Thruxton R is a more powerful, better equipped and better finished premium motorbike that has become an inspiration for today's neoclassic motorcycling. It is the one to satisfy every demand a classic bike enthusiast might have.

True to good British elegance but with all the technology of today. Its distinctly sporty character is the main ingredient in a formula that promises to revolutionise not only the rider's heart, but also that of the entire motorcycling industry.

triumph thruxton 1200 r

Thruxton R: engine characteristics

The roar of the Thruxton

These bikes went into production in 2017 and are equipped with a 1200 cc, 8-valve, parallel-twin engine controlled by a new electronic throttle. Compared to previous versions, it improves by delivering a maximum torque of 112 Nm at 4950 rpm and a power output of 97 hp at 6750 rpm, although with the appropriate modifications it can reach 120 hp.

In keeping with the bike's retro design, it is also liquid-cooled and complies with Euro 4 emissions standards. In keeping with the bike's retro design, it features a new inverted megaphone-shaped exhaust system in brushed steel.

The Triumph Thruxton R provides a chassis that respects the style of sporty riding position, characteristic of the Cafe Racer style. At the front we can find Showa Big Piston upside down telescopic forks, a wheel travel of 120 mm and the diameter tube is 43 mm. At the rear we have two shock absorbers with separate aluminium hydraulic tanks and the same wheel travel of 120 mm.

It has ABS and two 340 mm Brembo front discs with a diameter of 340 mm. The discs feature two Nassin ABS calipers per floating disc.

triumph thruxton r

Triumph Thruxton R Dimensions

Tailor-made power

As for the dimensions of the Triumph Thruxton R, the maximum length of the bike is 2105 mm, the widest part is 745 mm and the saddle height is 810 mm, this can be varied by changing the damping travel. The bike mass is 203 kg and the range after measurement is about 4.8 L per 100 km.

Thruxton R: engine characteristics

Retro technology?

Although it is referred to as a retro bike, the only thing it shares with that concept is the design, as the Triumph Thruxton R is equipped with a multitude of technological components: ABS, electronic throttle, traction control, anti-rebound clutch, three riding modes (Road, Rain and Sport), LED DRL in the rear headlight, LED DRL lighting in the front headlight and a USB port under the seat.

Triumph Thruxton R and Cafe Racer style

The Cafe Racer frenzy

What style is appropriate for a Thruxton R? How can you think otherwise? This bike has been conceived for the Cafe Racer frenzy and pure British racing spirit. The rider position, achieved by the rear footrests, is one of the first signs that this is the ideal choice for this style. The power and technology that also accompany this model only enhance the adrenaline-fuelled riding experience.


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