Infected Motorcyles

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Infected Story

At the office we always like to remember how the projects do get started and included at the Tamarit family, since lots of them land in our hands on the strangest ways, an email, a doubt about certain part, a query about Triumph original parts… etc. Infected act as a good example, an example that tell us perfectly “behind any doubt or contact form could be hiding the next lucky owner of a unique and exclusive motorcycle. You definitely have to treat all your clients equally, no matter what!

At the beginning of 2019, Tamarit Motorcycles received an email from someone who had some trouble with the handlebar set of his Triumph Motorcycle. David, the owner of the wonderful Thruxton 1200 R that soon would become the Tamarit Project number 47, added to the motorcycle the Café Racer kit by Triumph, which included the big front fairing with windshield. All of this not knowing that including the fairing forced the motorcycle to wear clip ons and the according riding position.

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David understood as the riding confort was a paramount clause on his motorcycle, therefore he decided to modify it with Tamarit Motorcycles, as well as a motorcycle colour change, because it was painted beforehand in that beloved and hatred Diablo Red. And that’s why David did throw the challenge at us and asked for a new motorcycle at Tamarit Motorcycles, a creation for a different Triumph Thruxton R, aggresive and different, but without losing the inner beauty of a Café Racer motorcycle. After four projects based on the new generation powerful motorcycle, the moment for doing something different finally came, and among many fresh items added on the motorcycle, one of the is the front fairing for liquid cooled generation bikes, already released on projects based on Triumph Bonneville T120 such as the Café Racer version of Yunque, or the stunning Carlota. Nevertheless, despite is a part actually very beautiful, it would be eventually a pain in the bum since it had to be adapted from scratch to the inverted forks set that was equipped with David’s Thruxton R.

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After a few basic premises already arranged with the client, we began to send to David some Triumph bikes designs and sketches, which David received gladly. Idea that he liked a lot, it was the motorcycle concept, which would be an Street concept, fading out that “R” look in order to get a more aggressive look but at the same time a confy riding position due the handlebar set. One of the many things that got out of hand and couldn’t leave you unafected would be the tyres set. Including a set of knobby tyres in a Thruxton R reminded us a lot to the “mischief” perpetrated in projects as Mr. Kevin, which gave a lot to talk about on specialized blogs and social media. Those tyres, because they have a much higher edge, needed to be equipped with a new front short fender in order to gain the proper height and fit. The Carlota front fairing would be equipped with the regular headlight grill, as well as a couple of PIAA foglamps that would be included as well with their own casings inteserted on crash bars. Another new item that would be included on this project is that after three belly pans on the last three Thruxtons, the sump guard would be back to a Thruxton downside by Tamarit. Other parts that we can see more often on the Tamarit parts are the stainless steen chaincver, the Tamarit Motorcycles exhaust system for Thruxton R and of course our top parts, the Mónaco seat and the Dakota side covers.

Regarding the colour, David didn’t give us much room to debate since the decision was pretty much taken : grey or gray. Any of the grey variants would be ok, but the basic requirement was that it had to be related with metal. Tamarit motorcycles put his money on a satin titanium gray, with a darker grey combining this time with white to highlight the design lines, the brand logo and the number 13 appearing on the cowl.

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