Triumph Bonneville T120 accessories

How to install parts for the T120

In addition to hard work, we have believed from the very beginning in bringing the classic bikes world to a wider audience, which is not necessarily what is called a mechanical handyman.

This way, Tamarit Motorcycles strives to design eye-catching Triumph Bonneville T120 accessories, not forgetting what is expected of them: an exceptional performance on the road. This is precisely the reason why we work with top-notch engineers, who participate in the engineering process not to be appreciated at first glance, but essential for the structure of the bike as a whole. Then, the real biker just knows when their bike is feeling great on the road.

Custom Triumph Bonneville T120 accessories

All together, as a single team, we decided from the start to implement in all our range of Triumph Bonneville T120 accessories a straight philosophy: all our catalog will follow plug-and-play guidelines. That means that all our parts are made up to measure and use the same anchor points that the original bike model does. This way, most parts are to be installed at home, with just a bunch of tools and no prior training.

Custom Triumph Bonneville T120 accessories

Triumph Bonneville T120 accessories are made one by one in our workshops, and are offered in several fittings and colour ranges, so they can match with any style of bike. The creative fervor leads us to constantly create new parts and designs, and we also offer bountiful customisation options to build unique bikes. For example, the side covers are completely manufactured to taste, following the client instructions.

Action speaks louder than words. In Tamarit we just prefer facts. We believe in what we do: long-lasting unique parts that we ourselves ride on the road.