Triumph Bobber Exhaust

Few parts have as profound an impact on the design of a motorbike as the Triumph Bobber exhaust system. However, unlike other elements, the shape of the exhaust itself has a direct impact on its function. In addition to directing the products of combustion away from the rider, the exhaust pipe also helps to dampen noise and improve overall engine performance. Today, there are entire ranges of exhaust systems that help to enhance the specific characteristics of each and every motorbike we work with.

Why do I need a Triumph Bobber aftermarket exhaust?

Many riders today choose to improve the performance, look or even sound of their bike by investing in performance Triumph Bobber exhaust. Simply put, this means replacing the stock exhaust system with a more refined or higher-performance alternative. Now, you may wonder why these supposedly superior systems don't come as standard on what is an undisputedly premium model. Well, even in the case of the Triumph the manufacturers have to meet a certain budget, which probably means that many of the aftermarket exhausts available would be out of the question. In addition, they may also be subject to emissions regulations, which may force them to opt for a system that will work in all markets where they hope to sell the bikes.

The sound of Triumph Bobber exhausts

When we buy an exhaust, we want to make sure that the sound matches the end result we are looking for for our bike. In each of the product sheets, you can find an audio clip with the sound of the Triumph Bobber exhausts so that you can compare and choose the one that best suits your project. If you have any further questions about our parts, you can fill in the form on the product sheet.

The advantages of a Triumph Bobber custom exhaust

With a variety of custom exhausts on offer, there is also a range of benefits that come with each one. As Triumph Bobber owners know, the weight of the bike itself is an essential part of its overall appeal. The very fact that it is light allows the rider to easily manoeuvre the bike. However, that doesn't mean you can't make a few tweaks to your own model here and there. While you may not want to replace the stock exhaust with a huge dual system, there's nothing wrong with adding something with a little more or less weight to your bike.

The environmentalist in you may even want to reduce those emissions by installing a greener system. There are even systems available that give you a choice of three different sound modes. Whichever custom Triumph Bobber exhaust system you choose, you're guaranteed a great ride.

Still not sure which exhaust system to go for?

As Triumph Bobber experts, we know a thing or two about custom exhausts. We'll be happy to help you select the system that best suits your needs and requirements, and helps you take your bike to the next level.

Want to customise your bike but don't know where to start? Fitting a custom exhaust can help add a special touch to your model and really set it apart from others.

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of our Triumph Bobber exhausts, visit us or get in touch by filling out a contact form and a member of the Tamarit Motorcycles team will get in touch with you.