Triumph Bonneville

A timeless jewel

You'll come for its aesthetics and stay for its versatility. There's no denying that the Triumph Bonneville is one of our timeless crown jewels. These iconic engines will rock you on the road, making your rides a delight for the senses never before experienced.

Origin of Triumph Bonneville

Everlasting machinery

The uniqueness of the Triumph Bonneville pays homage to the name of the salt desert known as the "Bonneville Salt Flats" located in the state of Utah, USA. Combining all the essential ingredients for speed in a race, this desert was primed for its optimal racing conditions: flat land and little slope. Land to which the first Bonneville was adapted.

Bonneville desierto

Triumph Bonneville: history

The first Bonneville

In the vastness of this land of champions, Triumph and other manufacturers were attempting to break the world motorcycle speed record here. Impassable, Triumph was crowned champion in 1956 with one of its 650cc straight-twin engines. Three years later, the first Bonneville appeared and, for more than three decades, its name has become an insignia in the world of motorcycling.

Historia Bonneville

The beginnings of the Triumph Bonneville

An insignia

This unbeatable DNA remains intact up to the present day. Since the end of the 1950s, its essence lies in its ability to stand the test of time, adapting and improving itself with every project.

With no doubt whatsoever, the Bonneville has beaten all other engines to the top of the classic engine rankings. It's a fact, there isn't a neoclassical engine that isn't a Bonneville, and romantics of the more traditional style can vouch for that.

Great influencers such as Steve McQueen, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Bob Dylan or David Beckham manage to extend the Bonneville brand beyond a commercial message, becoming referents among those who identify with this traditional and classic way of life.

Famosos Triumph bonneville

Characteristics of the Triumph Bonneville

Craftwork, quality and character

Just like an iconic Mini or a Porsche 911, a Triumph Bonneville is an iconic and exclusive piece that stirs up passions among those looking for an aesthetically appealing piece, rather than a strong sense of speed on the road.

The Bonneville's condition of being, craftwork, quality and character, makes you fall head over heels for its wheels. The same ones that will take you on unheard of experiences to make you get away from the stresses of everyday life. Evade the mundane reality and feel the breeze on the back of a Bonneville.

What do Bonneville bikes look like?

On the back of a Bonneville

These bikes have the power to make every ride a pleasure, whether it's to liven up your daily commute or make your weekend getaways even more fun. Independent and free, that's how you'll feel on the back of a Bonneville.

And if that wasn't enough, these bikes are renowned for their engineering excellence. Being on the back of a Bonneville not only guarantees maximum performance, it also ensures a safe ride. Acclaimed by both veteran and novice riders alike, their fun-to-drive engines deliver confidence-inspiring sensations.

Triumph Bonneville's qualities


These collector's items are by far the ones that have the most admirers and followers among motoring enthusiasts. The elation of their design is easily palpable in the affection and deep care of each of their details, which strive to maintain the pure aesthetic lines of more than 50 years ago.

The adaptation of the Triumph Bonneville


The legendary Bonneville range adapts and survives through the generations. These works of art share a common denominator with their riders: their distinctive personalities. Each rider and each of our clients come from different corners of the world and therefore have widely different identities, cultures and preferences.

Styles for a Bonneville

Widely different preferences

Tell us what bike you dream of and the Triumph Bonneville will adapt, no ifs, ands or buts. If you're a motoring enthusiast, you need to know about the British Modern Classics and their wide range of possibilities to suit a variety of styles. It doesn't matter if you're more of a classic, sporty or performance rider. These motorcycles want to take their place in your garage and become the darling of the house.

Focusing on working with those Triumph Bonneville built since the beginning of the 21st century, the Triumph Bonneville range spans the ages, leaving a number of different editions to choose from, unique in style and cylinder capacity. Their elegant evolution makes them classics that never go out of fashion.

Focusing on working on those Triumph Bonneville manufactured since the early twenty-first century, the Triumph Bonneville range extends through time, leaving different editions to choose from, unique in style and cylinder capacity. Their elegant evolution makes them classics that never go out of fashion.

Old Triumph Bonneville

Never go out of fashion

They primed the pump with the Old carburettor model with small cylinder capacity and air cooling. Taking over from them came the Injection models, better known as EFI, motorcycles for the more nostalgic, which included the electronic fuel injection system, making the conventional carburettor system obsolete. Closer to our times are the T100 and T120 models, which have arrived to adapt to today's demanding times.

New Bonneville: T100 y T120

Today's demanding times

With its kind ride, iconic styling and even at a smaller cylinder capacity than its big brother, the T100 is probably the most iconic model in all of classic motorcycling in general. Its unique beauty is arguably the reason why the Bonneville is the most seen on the roads. Its technological, performance breakthroughs, coupled with its timeless identity and distinctive silhouette, have made it one of the most famous motorcycles in history.

The balance between classic and modern, the T120 is the most powerful upgraded version to date, and it is on this model that the leap to liquid cooling takes place. A tradition that stretches back half a century and is one of the flagship premium bikes of this new generation of Triumph neo-classics. The result is an all-rounder that combines a distinctly classic look with state-of-the-art handling, brought to you by decades of refinement and experience.


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