Yunque I Motorcycle

A caferacer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Yunque I story

When the year just started, someone from Elda, a village from Alicante very close to our headquarters located in Elche, contacted us. He owned a Bonneville T120 matte graphite and wanted to give his motorcycle a twist, but he wasn’t very sure about the concept. He loved the Café Racer idea, but the comfort, which was a must for him, made him hesitate. Honestly, that is an easy choice for no one, because when you have a Café Racer you want an Scrambler, and vice versa.

Tamarit Motorcycles already had a wide experience with works based on a Bonneville T120, we had presented parts for that model several times and we felt very comfortable transforming the Bonneville into a Café Racer.

The customer kept on hesitating about the style of the motorcycle, so we proposed to do 2 motorcycles in 1. Because of the “Plug and Play” procedure of the Triumph Tamarit parts, we thought that we could show 2 different concepts base on the same motorcycle: A Café Racer and a Brat Style.

Each motorcycle is one of a kind.

Triumph custom builds according to the client’s tastes.

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A few days after, the owner of the Bonneville T120, brought the motorcycle to our workshop to begin with the project. On this case would be 2 in 1, that’s why we name this makeover Yunque I and Yunque II.

The Yunque II parts were pretty developed by then, except the fork guards, part to install without the front fender. Regarding the colour, Emilio wanted something sober, and after a few sketches we opted for an anthracite matte grey, black and lighter gray, something really sober and elegant.

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Regarding Yunque I, hard work started from scratch, because until then we didn’t have any part developed on a Café Racer concept for that model. First of all was to make an eliminator kit, a part in order to replace the back fender and its giant backlight. After that, every Café Racer should be single seat and with a gorgeous tail, we got to work with our Jerez seat. This seat part doesn’t oblige to be a single seat motorcycle, since the seat is easy replaceable and it would take only a few seconds with a single wrench turning. Side covers and exhaust pipes would be preserved.

At the front, we would replace the fork guards previously mentioned with a short fender, and the belly pan would be replaced as well with our one of our favored parts, the Tamarit, a part featured by its personality.

Every Cafe Racer should have, clip ons or a clubman handlebar, so on this case we opted for the later, even being aware of the lack of comfort that the driving would have rather than driving with an stock one. But was something necessary to preserve the Café Racer standards. Regarding the nose fairing, wasn’t an easy ride, uncountable hours shaping the fiber until get the desired results. Once believed to be finished, a new idea would pop up, for example including our grill and we had to go back to square one. Nevertheless we are more than proud with the results obtained.

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The colour was a considerable success as well the choice of the design featuring a long matte black line going from the bucket to the back of the seat.

We decided to make a time-lapsed promotional video, in order to watch the makeover process from one concept to another with only 5 parts used. The time to introduce the Triumph motorcycle finally came and we decided to show it with the Café Racer kit, since the urban concept was previously shown on the bonneville motorcycle aliased Muralla.

There are not two equal bikes by TMRT.

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