Eme Black Motorcycle

A cafe racer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.

Eme Black story

One of the projects that is remembered very fondly in Tamarit when we recall at the workshop our “greatest hits” during periods of break and amusement, is the sixth one, which was tasked to us on a very peculiar way, the course of it was even more singular.

Still without a brand or advertising structure present, the makeover projects came during that time through mouth to mouth, friend’s recommendation or just pedestrians that noticed some of the already made projects riding through the streets of Elche and catch the Tamarit logo and look up our contact number through the internet.

By the end of spring, a somalian guy named Eme (in short for a longer name that we would never know) reached us. He could barely speak any word in spanish, and his english was completely broken, only the one that he needed for his business and contacting clients. Eme saw our project #2 Dalúa riding through the city centre of Elche and wanted something similar on his imported Bonneville. Through phone pictures and basic guides, we managed to understand each other and to know what he wanted for his motorcycle. The most repeated word on our dragged conversations was “black black black!” when it was time to choose the colour for any of the parts.

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Once the Bonneville entered the old Tamarit workshop, we got to work on the parts for this sixth project, being the most distinctive parts the Assent cowl and a cleared front with a handlebar change, a tiny speedometer and a new front fender different from the Little Bastard, present on most of the previous projects, except Pegaso. It was Pegaso the bike that was about to be finished when Eme brought his Bonneville and wanted to include the new side cover, Santa María.

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Two elements were released on this bike project, on one hand the new front fender named “New Little Bastard”, which would be equipped with a metallic part in order to provide it a hardy looking and on the other hand a grill for the headlight , which was codenamed as “Ronin”, and would be equipped on many further projects due its great acceptance among our clients.

The cafe racer project would be completed with the old chaincover installation, our Boludos exhausts and a heavy duty mixed tyres, under the client specs.

About the project colour, almost nothing was to discuss since that was the clearest part of the whole project. So be it, the Bonneville was engulfed in the deepest darkness with an omnipresent Jet Black on all parts installed on the motorcycle.

When we had to codename the motorcycle, true was that we’ve already decided that because the vehemence the client asked us the colour of his bike so, the name was simply “Eme Black”.

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A simple bike, without a song and dance of greatness, but for us meant the same as any other bike when we saw the satisfaction and fulfillment face of our friend Eme when we unveiled his bike at the gates of our workshop. Greetings Eme, wherever you are and thank you very much for trusting us.

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