Thin Blue Line

The bike number 78 of Tamarit Motorcycles


A Bonneville T120 headed to Miami

A motorcycle with Bonneville T120 engine, transformed to the classic Brat Style by Tamarit Motorcycles.

A Bonneville T120 of the new generation of the Modern Classics range has been used as the basis for this project, which has been provided with a Brat Style with very classic lines. A combination of colors and details that make it stand out for the history they hide.

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Alan and the Thin Blue Line story

The motorcycle 78, Thin Blue Line, hides a personal story that inspires all the aesthetic details of this transformation.

The story that Alan, owner of motorcycle 78, wanted to capture in Thin Blue Line is one that Tamarit’s team particularly liked. The Miami-based Puerto Rican worked for many years with the FBI, where he lost two of his best friends. Thin Blue Line is the American flag that pays tribute to fallen policemen and this bike has also been Alan’s small tribute to his friends who unfortunately are no longer with him.

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Paint and chrome set

The colors white, black and blue have been perfectly integrated in this project.

The paint used in this bike transformation makes clear reference to the name of the bike 78, the colors of the Thin Blue Line flag. The white, black and blue colors are integrated with the chrome finish on some of the parts. Another aesthetic detail to highlight is the Thin Blue Line flag on the engine emblems.

The classic Brat Style comfort

Thin Blue Line incorporates a gel seat for two, providing comfort and style.

One of the requirements to be achieved was to create a bike that was comfortable to ride, but without losing a classic style. Something that has been achieved thanks to a two-seater gel seat, which also enhances the classic beauty of the Bonneville Brat Style aesthetics.

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Straight handlebar and classical tires

In order to achieve maximum comfort, a straight handlebar and classical tires are added to the transformation.

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The Thin Blue Line project includes wide classical tires that provide greater stability and, together with the straight handlebar, make it a bike with a perfect stature for riding around town or enjoying hours on the bonneville bike in greater comfort.

Thin Blue Line details

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