The Boss motorcycle

A brat style bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


The Boss history

By a large and significant consensus, best things to happen will happen during the summer, mainly because on this side of the planet, summer brings balmy weather and holidays for most of us. And that’s why project #54 was brought to life. Infatuated by the excellent vibes that this season provides, Javi came to our place in order to meet us during his long awaited vacation weeks. He had been following our works for quite a while and eventually he decided to knock our door just to tell us a few ideas he had in mind revolving for months.

However, as many other times before, all the styles have something we really like and it’s extremely difficult to choose only one. Furthermore, you don’t always have the advantage of having a brand new bike, so a donor bike shall be searched in order to start the project. Taking into account that Javi paid us a visit face to face, we talked about possible bikes to start the project with, as well as the styles that could match with the ideas he was elaborating to us. Considering all the main guidelines Javi put on the table, we got to the conclusion that the style of the project #54 would be a Brat Style, aiming to create a much more comfort and urban bike.

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Every project comes with a basic rule or guide where all the ideas revolve around, on this case, one of the main clauses arranged was that bike should be completely black coated. Nevertheless, at the beginning we really didn’t know how to channel this desire of our customer, specially regarding bike main frame and structure. After giving to it a few thoughts, we realised that what our client really wanted was a black engine. When our clients want a custom build but they do not own a suitable bike, Tamarit crew uses to look for a second hand bike that we can work with according to our client’s desires.

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Talking about Javi’s, best scenario would’ve been having a Bonneville T100 Black as a donor bike in order to achieve the result so much easier but, this time was the client who bought the bike, as he had it previously located. Project #54 started then with a Bonneville T100 with the chromed engine, basically the opposite to the ideal scenario for the makeover but it involved a true challenge that in the end joined the Tamarit bikes family nicknamed as The Boss.

With all the designs approved by the client and the bike ready to go, all the Tamarit kitchens got fired up again. Once the bike got to the workshop, first thing to do was the complete dismantling of the engine in order to coate it in black satin, as well as the side covers. With this first procedure, one of the main requests of our client was solved.

Next, the lower frame was cut down a little in order to install the Tramontana seat kit, which consists in a 25mm “U” shaped steel bar for the rear ending of the frame, reflector, LED rear light, short fiberglass fender, rear light bracket, and leather-upholstered polyurethane seat. Regarding The Boss, this kit was slightly modified, since the rear tail light was replaced by a tiny LED stripe that was embed into the frame steel bar. Furthermore, rims and spokes were painted with electrostatic paint, which lasts much more than regular paint. Following up the retro trend, The Boss project included Victory Vintage Classic tyres in order to emphasize on this topic.

Aiming for upgrading the power and the engine performance, instead of the stock side covers, the Ruby cover set was included, which consists of the K&N power filters, battery fitment and the fiberglass covers. Another part that is worth mentioning is one of the latest entries in our parts catalog, the “Speedster” exhausts, that fits perfectly with the Brat Style aesthetic canon that we wanted to achieve with the The Boss. Other parts included where the Hummer sump guard, footrests, chaincover and the “New Little Bastard” front fender.

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At the front of the bike, more mods would take place such as the triple tee change to include the Tamarit-self made aluminum triple tee as well as the Pantera springs, also made by Tamarit Motorcycles. These parts were coated as well in satin black as the rest of the mechanical parts. A 22mm handlebar was installed along all the devices available from the german brand Motogadget: handlebar switches, bar-end turning signals, tiny speedometer all converging on the M.Unit Blue, which provides alarm and GPS. Another extra changes were made in the end such as the LSL handlebar risers and bar-end mirrors.

About the colour of the Bonneville bike, we really wanted to do something that could follow up all the retro vibe of the main idea and we thought that the best thing was not choosing a colour at all. In order to achieve this, a Chrome 80 tone was chosen, which is an special paint that provides an aluminum-like looking that only a few would tell the difference between a paint and the real metal of the motorcycle.

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I want a Tamarit bike project.
I want a Tamarit bike project.

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