137 Phantom

Perceptible to the senses

Something perceptible to the senses but without substantial existence. Something visionary, now made into reality. Project 137 presents itself as a Tracker-style motorcycle, a classic racing aesthetic that aims to please adrenaline enthusiasts while also appealing to classic aesthetics lovers.


The largest Triumph motorcycle transformer

Our added value lies in specializing in neo-classic Triumph engines, which has made us the world's largest specialist in these engines. No one has created as many motorcycles with the same engine, with over 135 unique motorcycles showcased on our website and around 50 that we haven't showcased.

Our core value is the specialization and know-how we have acquired with each project.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

Motor y estilo

Recién salidas de pista 

Para la base del proyecto se escogió una Bonneville 900, un motor versátil capaz de adaptarse a las necesidades del estilo Tracker. Este estilo se caracteriza por inspirarse en la velocidad y las carreras, como si fueran motos recién salidas de la pista. 

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph bonneville t100 tracker tamarit phantom


Classic Attitude

The paintwork of the motorcycle 137 is clearly inspired by classic aesthetics but combines it with a design of bronze-colored lines on the tank that seeks to break the traditional aesthetics, giving it a more rebellious touch. The paintwork blends perfectly with the brass and chrome accents that complete the motorcycle's design.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph bonneville t100 tracker tamarit phantom

Belt transmission kit

A New Achievement

In this project, we have taken on a new challenge: to change the motorcycle's transmission system. In the case of the 137 Phantom, the chain drive system has been replaced with a new transmission drive system. This process is quite complex as it involves various safety elements, requiring extensive knowledge of the motorcycle.

This new transmission system produces less noise, has simpler maintenance, and generally has a longer lifespan.

The noise reduction is particularly useful for motorcycles used in urban settings. The belt drive system also minimizes power loss due to reduced friction, resulting in fuel savings.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph thruxton 100r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

Lenticular Wheel

Ride without limits

The Project 138 includes a valuable component, a 16" lenticular wheel. These wheels prevent air from penetrating through the spokes, reducing turbulence and improving stability during driving through enhanced aerodynamics.

In addition to its primary function, the lenticular wheel also greatly contributes to the aesthetics of the motorcycle. Inside the lenticular wheel, a custom-made golden embellisher has been added, secured with screws. It is a unique piece crafted by our team, a rim that traditional lenticular wheels don't possess.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph bonneville t100 tracker tamarit phantom

Mono-shock Suspension

Increased stability and handling

At the rear of the motorcycle, you can see a Hagon Nitro mono-shock suspension. This new component utilizes a single valve that applies pressure evenly, unlike dual shocks. This translates into improved handling and stability of the motorcycle.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

Chrome and brass Plating

A handcrafted work

In this project a chrome plating process has been carried out on parts such as the seat posts, the shock absorber or the engine. It is a chemical process that leaves the parts of our motorcycles shining like a mirror. Chroming, nickel plating or brass plating a part takes hundreds of hours of manual work and craftsmanship.

This process differentiates us and positions us as a premium motorcycle brand.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph thruxton 100r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

High technology

The brain of the motorcycle

One of our essentials, the Motogadget Motoscope Mini odometer, has been included for a cleaner and more minimalist finish. It is also worth noting the incorporation of other Motogadget components, such as the front and rear turn signals and the ECU.

At Tamarit, we always strive for the best optimization of the electronics in our motorcycles, and the ECUs function as the brains of the bikes. That's why we include the Motogadget ECU, the most comprehensive on the market, in our projects. Thanks to its functions and the app, the motorcycle can be fully monitored through your smartphone.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

Custom exhaust

A signature feature

In the 137 Phantom, another signature component is evident - the exhaust system is the same as the one presented in another iconic motorcycle, Circe. It is a top-mounted chrome exhaust system equipped with a brass-finished protective grille.

To adapt this custom exhaust, it had to be taken to the laboratory, where different bends were tested and each weld had to be perfect and completely pressurized. The brass embellisher appearing on the exhaust was handmade in the workshop, with each metal bar being individually welded, and it was then flattened with an angle grinder to be seamlessly integrated into the exhaust.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile
triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

More, more, more...

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

At the front of the motorcycle, a classic headlight has been installed, with its ring brass-plated to match the bike's design. In this area of the motorcycle, you can also appreciate our chrome-plated Pantera springs and the custom-made triple tree

triumph bonneville t100 tracker tamarit phantom

At the controls of the motorcycle, we find a new handlebar, equipped with control switches, Motogadget turn signals, Kustom Tech levers, and new grips.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

Something that couldn't be missing is the custom license plate bracket placed on the left side of the motorcycle.

triumph bonneville t100 tracker tamarit phantom

To improve performance, K&N filters have been added, increasing the air supply to the engine and reducing temperature.

Underneath the motorcycle, we have the chromed Hummer sump guard.

triumph bonneville t100 tracker tamarit phantom

In addition to the rear lenticular wheel, an 18" front wheel with spokes has been fitted, accompanied by Continental tires. In the front area, you can also see the new brass-supported fender and Braking brake discs.

triumph bonneville t100 tracker tamarit phantom

Like the rest of our projects, we have placed engine badges with the project's number and name.

Shipments to France

Bonjour !

Tamarit motorcycles know no borders and are already roaming the roads of half the world. We have a specialized company for international shipments that takes care of transporting Tamarit motorcycles until they reach their country of origin. In the case of this project, it is heading straight to France, where it will ride proudly alongside its owner.

triumph thruxton 1200r cafe racer tamarit missile

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Tamarit Motorcycles has become the leading builder of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world, being a referent in its sector.

This expansion has given rise to what is known as the Tamarit family, a group of fortunate people who already enjoy the motorcycle of their dreams and have become part of what Tamarit Motorcycles represents.

The goal is to identify what style you want and how you plan to use the bike. We want you to have, not only a beautiful motorcycle but one that also covers your day-to-day needs.

Styles and engines we work with

What styles do you do on Tamarit Motorcycles?

Cafe Racer: These bikes usually have a one-person seat, clip-on, and a more aggressive posture.

Brat Style: Comfortable for two people and higher and wider handlebar for a more comfortable posture.

Scrambler: These are the motorcycles everyone knows as “the bikes to ride in the countryside.”

Dirt track: An American concept, these bikes are the ones that race on oval tracks.

Premium: Hybrid concepts, bikes we cannot put in only one category.

Which Triumph models do you work with?

We work with the Modern Classics range of Triumph engines.

Triumph Bonneville 900, Triumph Bonneville T100, Triumph Bonneville T120, Triumph Thruxton 900, Triumph Thruxton 1200, Triumph Thruxton 1200 R, Triumph Thruxton 1200 RS, Triumph Scrambler 900, Triumph Scrambler 1200, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC, Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, Triumph Street Twin, Triumph Street Scrambler, Triumph Speed Twin, Triumph Bobber y Triumph Bobber Black.

Do I need to have a motorcycle?

A) If you already have a motorcycle (Triumph Modern Classics), we pick it up at your doorstep and bring it back once the transformation is finished.

B) If you do not have a motorcycle, we buy one in the origin country and bring it to our facilities to transform, open the engine and replace all the components.

Price, shipping and deadlines

What is the price of a Tamarit project?

The price of Tamarit motorcycles is calculated based on the parts included in the project and the hours of work required for each motorcycle. You can check the prices by filling out the quote form on our website.

How are the motorcycles shipped?

Motorcycles are picked up and shipped to your doorstep. We have a worldwide transport company and we can pick up or send a motorcycle to any part of the world.

How long does it take to complete a project?

On average, Tamarit motorcycles take between 90 and 180 days to complete, during this time the future owner of the motorcycle receives a weekly/biweekly report on the construction status of the project.

Tamarit projects warranty

Once you receive your Tamarit motorcycle at your doorstep, you will be able to enjoy it with no worries for a year.

Tamarit motorcycles are delivered with a one-year warranty for the transformation, during which time our team provides personalized support for all motorcycles.