Sombra Motorcycle

A caferacer bike designed and transformed by Tamarit Motorcycles.


Sombra story

After a few Triumph motorcycles makeovers already on Tamarit’s résumé and being able to bring big smiles to our customers faces by the time of delivery, the dreamed job arrived.

By the middle of April 2017 we got a call from the owner of one of the Triumph models which from Tamarit is considered the crown jewel of all the Triumph creations, the Triumph Thruxton 1200R.

Fermín (its owner) called to the Tamarit Motorcycles office recommended by his friends setting, to ask info about parts for his Triumph Thruxton, he didn’t wanted information about any particular neither he wasn’t really into the makeover world or plug and play motorcycle parts whatsoever.

He wanted to do something different on his Thruxton 1200R but didn’t know exactly what changes to carry out. Nevertheless he was positive about the motorcycle colour, diablo red. He definitely wanted to change it.

After a phone meeting with Fermín, he told us that the motorcycle was completely on its default condition, no changes were ever made to the motorcycle, not even the turning signals offered by the official Triumph dealer for the Thruxton 1200R.

Moreover, the customer was open minded and eager to every way to change his Triumph motorcycle, so we proposed him to perform a custom project for his Thruxton 1200R.

Each motorcycle is one of a kind.

Triumph custom builds according to the client’s tastes.

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We began the project working on the design for the Thruxton 1200R dreamed for that motorcycle by the Tamarit crew. Once the design was showed to the customer and approved, Fermín sent us his motorcycle to begin with the works as soon as possible.

It was a pleasure for the Tamarit crew working with this client, because of his trust on us with barely knowing us and he sent his motorcycle right away after the presented design approval.

4 days after we received the Thruxton 1200R and began to work on its transformation. We had a little advantage on manufacturing parts for the Thruxton 1200R, since months before we’ve carried out other Thruxton makeover called Babieca.

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Our fender eliminator kit, the Mónaco seat, which is the most significant part since you notice a huge change on the motorcycle, the Apolo exhausts, the custom numbered oval-shaped plates, the Tamarit belly pan and the short fender were the parts that drag the attention the most at first sight.

Original Triumph little turning signals, also original rear view mirror on the grips, exhaust wrap, our new grill for the headlight, six holes holder for the headlight (another default part we kinda dislike on this wonderful motorcycle) and leather grips, were the set of parts selected for this Triumph motorcycle.

The client’s choice was shiny black, combined with some slightly stripped areas in order the raw metal to be visible, a tremendous job of our painters. On this matter the Mónaco seat is one of a kind part since we wanted to give to it the same look as the fuel tank, so we had to add steel plates on the back in order to strip and see the raw colour of the steel.

A few weeks after we finished the Fermin’s Thruxton 1200R makeover, and we named the motorcycle Sombra (spa. for Shadow). We spoke to the client to organise the public arrival and when the day arrived, we went personally to the airport to pick Fermin up, that’s when we finally met him in person.

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Finally, about 20:30 the long-awaited moment came and Fermín unveiled his new Thruxton 1200r. That moment was magic for the Tamarit Motorcycles crew watching the happiness and gratification drawn on our customer’s face. That is the dreamed moment by the Tamarit crew, the fulfillment to see your work being rewarded.

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