Triumph Thruxton R specs

To get behind the controls of a Triumph Thruxton R you need the driving license + the motorcycle endorsement and an unstoppable desire to drive a powerful and exclusive piece. The 2017 was its year of manufacture and its importer is Triumph Spain.

Triumph Thruxton R specs: It is a motorcycle of 1200cc exact 4-stroke twin-cylinder, water-cooled and 97 hp that with some parts can reach 120 hp. The anti-pollution standard is EURO 5 and gasoline.

At the front we find inverted telescopic forks of the Showa Big Piston brand and a travel of 120mm and the diameter of the bars is 43mm.

At the rear we have two shock absorbers with separate gas reservoirs made of aluminum and a travel of the same length as the front 120mm.

It has ABS and two front disc brakes of 340mm diameter of the great brand Brembo brakes. The discs have 2 calipers per Nassin floating disc with 2 ABS pistons.

The maximum length of the bike is 2105 mm, the widest part is 745 mm and the saddle height is 810mm this can be varied by changing the damping travel. The declared weight of the bike is 203 kg and the average consumption after measurement is about 4.8L per 100 km.


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