Item description:

The Bizarra Kit is a set of parts to install mainly on the rear part of your motorcycle It measures 60 cm.

This set includes:

• Back part of the frame, tube-shaped. 25mm
• Reflective
• LED Tail light
• Short fiber rear fender
• Number plate light
• Number plate holder
• Polyurethane upholstered seat

¿How to install it?

Due complexity and the several items included on this set, it is recommended to task the installation of this set of parts to a professional or tu someone with advanced mechanics knowledge.

Materials involved:

As the rest of the products made by Tamarit, the Bizarra Kit consists of the best materials available on the market. The seat cushion is made of polyurethane, the upholstery is made of faux nautic leather.

Which Tamarit motorcycle includes the Bizarra Kit?

BlackPearl and Bizarra.

¿Any question about the Bizarra kit?

Contact us without any obligation and we will answer in 24 hrs.