All about the Thruxton fender eliminator

The Thruxton fender eliminator completely changes the rear part of the motorcycle, replacing the stock rear fender and creating a more minimalistic look. Handcrafted using a very resistant material, the Thruxton fender eliminator will be a part of the motorcycle for many years.

If you are planning to modify your motorcycle, go to the finished customization projects we have done so far with this part to see how it looks on different styles.

Features of the Thruxton tail tidy 

The Thruxton fender eliminator kit is compatible with all the Thruxton models and is made with our plug and play design technology, this makes the installation process a much simpler one. It is only necessary to remove the old stock rear fender and replace it with the new eliminator kit.

The Triumph Thruxton fender eliminator kit is made with 3 mm iron, and it helps to suppress the rear fender while holding the turn signals and number plate in place. This is a very resistant kit that gives the rear part of the motorcycle a more minimalistic look and has a two-year warranty.

For a more detailed installation process go to the description of each part, where you will also find the tools you will need for the installation and a form to ask any questions you have about the placement to our team.


We ship the Triumph Thruxton tail tidy to all corners of the world. We make sure the most fragile products are carefully packaged so they can endure the trip without any incidents, this way you can install them on your motorcycle and enjoy them in no time. 

Once the order is placed, the shipping from our shop to its destination takes 72 hours. If the client wants the part to be painted, the delivery takes 15 days to respect the painting and drying process it has to undergo. If you have any questions about the shipping times or the warranty policy, go to the FAQ or ask our team.

Plug and Play

This is the term we use to describe the products that are very easy to install. The placement is simple and do not require experts or mechanics because the original anchors of the original part are considered while designing each part and accessory.