Tamarit Triumph Street Twin seat

This is one of the most popular models of the British brand, that is why the Triumph Street Twin seat has to be versatile, in order to accommodate to the many possibilities of styles and customizations the Street Twin has to offer.

This popularity also brings a higher demand of quality parts and accessories to make upgrades to the original model, which is why we have dedicated a great amount of time to perfect our seat.

About the Triumph Street Twin custom seat

A custom seat has to adjust to the motorcycle style and the everyday needs of its owner. The versatility of this model leaves a lot of options open in terms of its design. 

As for the materials, the seat of the Street Twin is made with waterproof nautic material to resist any climate condition. It is also made of high quality foam and polyurethane that can be painted in several colors, the same original ones used by Triumph.

The upholstery is also available in four different colors: black, camel, red and brown. In the description of every seat is possible to see and select every color combination.

This wide range of color combination allows the creation of unique looks. Browse our website to see the finished transformation projects that were made with this motorcycle model as the base for inspiration.

Triumph Street Twin aftermarket seat

As mentioned, the popularity and versatility of the model mean that there are a lot of different seats on the market. Besides the materials and the style, another aspect to consider while searching for the perfect seat is the installation process.

The design of the seat strips down all unnecessary elements, leaving only the basics, keeping the original anchors and bolts, this makes the installation of the seat a very simple task. It is as simple replacing the old seat for the new one. On the page of the seat you will see a more in detail description of the seat: materials, color combination and instructions for an easy installation.


Our team sends the Street Twin seat all over the word, the seat is perfectly secured and protected to avoid any damage during the delivery. After an order is made on the web, the shipping process takes 72 hours.  

Let us know if you have any questions about the shipping process!

Contact our team

If you have any questions about our street twin cafe racer seat there are several ways you can contact our team:

– You can go to the seat description and fill out the form, leaving your question and information. We will contact you as soon as possible with the information.

– You can go to the contact section on the website and click on the parts and accessories support box to leave a question.

– Lastly, now you can ask us on WhatsApp! In the same contact section of the website we mention on the previous point, click on the WhatsApp box.