All about the Triumph Bonneville front fender

The Triumph Bonneville front fender has a simple and elegant design to match the classic Bonneville styling. Handcrafted by the best professionals, these front mudguards are made from tough material and created to personalise the style of one of the most popular bikes from the British brand. You can browse our website, where you will find all the bikes we have customised with these fenders over the years in our shop.

Triumph Bonneville front fender features 

Each model of Triumph Bonneville front fender has its own measurements ranging from 30cm to 60cm to best suit the style of each bike and the personal preferences of each rider. To further customize the front fender, you can also select the colour from those specified in the description or leave it unpainted to choose a different colour once it arrives. The Bonneville front fender is made of fibreglass, a lightweight and very durable material. They are very easy to fit because they follow our plug-and-play design. You can fit them at home, with just a few basic tools, in just a few minutes. For more specific information on the front fender, go to the description of each model.

Plug and Play

Plug and play parts and accessories mean that they are very easily fitted without the need for an instruction manual. This is because they are made specifically for Triumph Modern Classics, the design includes the original anchor points for the original stock parts. The whole process should be as simple as removing the old part and replacing it with the new one. The new Triumph Bonneville short front fender can be fitted at home without the need to go to a garage, without much effort the bike will be ready to hit the road.

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