Motorcycle custom

The existing styles within the motorcycle world are very varied, but if there is one that has managed to endure over time, it is undoubtedly that of motorcycle custom. If you look up the word "fashion" in the dictionary you will find the following definition: "Use, manner or custom that is in vogue for some time, or in a certain country".

At this point I think no one can doubt that fashions are necessary for the maintenance of an economic system based on consumption, however, there are fashions that last much longer than is normally stipulated and cease to be simple fads to become a style that identifies a culture or way of life.

Custom bikes

The rise of custom culture

In the world of two wheels, if there is a fashion that has managed to endure since its inception and that more personality, as well as popularity, has risen since its inception, it is undoubtedly the custom bikes. A style that is still latent thanks to the degree of customization of these motorcycles and also the great boom of specific and specialized stores, so many of its users have made this world a way of life, which is reflected in many groups and clubs that enjoy riding together, attending and organizing rallies where they exchange knowledge and experiences or simply expose their most precious mounts.

Motorcycle custom

Its origin

If today we were to ask "what is a motorcycle custom?" Many would define it as those models whose appearance reminds us of the American motorcycles that emerged about 50 years ago, without being an entirely correct definition, since we must go even further back in time to introduce ourselves in the middle of World War II.

During the 1940s Harley Davidson and Indian had manufactured several models to be used in the war, although finally the contract with the government was awarded to Harley. Many of these models and later, were used by former soldiers or by young people who in addition to acquiring them, took advantage of the large number of parts available, to modify them to their style or personality and above all, to adapt them to the lower weight that had the European models of the time (which many had known in the war).

Custom bikes

First biker clubs

It was then at this time when the first biker clubs began to emerge, gangs or groups of young people who sought to rebel against the system away from the puritanical image of the society of the time. These gangs began to proliferate throughout the U.S., extending soon after to England, where the Triumph, Norton and BSA ended up being modified in the so-called Cafe Racer, known as such for being able to travel with them from cafe to cafe.

In the subsequent evolution of the motorcycle custom also had much to do the rock of the 50's, since every self-respecting rocker had to wear his bike to fashion. This is how a term arises that refers mainly to the modification of the machine to the owner's taste, either in style, color, comfort or even speed and within which, there are numerous variations that we will know below.

Motorcycle custom

The styles of custom motorcycles

When we talk about motorcycle custom we are not referring to a specific type of motorcycle that is characterized by having or complying with specific characteristics; quite the contrary. Within this group there are many categories or groups that differ in the type of customization applied to the motorcycle custom and the type of use that will be given, hence the rich variety that exists within the customization is the main ingredient to have more and more followers.

The most notable custom styles are the Cruiser style, the Bobber style, the Cafe Racer style, the Chopper style, the Bagger style, the Rat-bike style and the Show-bike style.

Custom bikes

Cafe Racer

Tamarit's quintessential motorcycle custom is the Cafe Racer. The objective of the Cafe Racer custom bikes is to achieve speed, and to do so, comfort and convenience must be sacrificed. They were born in the United Kingdom in the 50's when bikers eliminated everything that would cause a loss of agility and speed on the bike. It is, broadly speaking, the English equivalent of a Bobber (the idea, not the features).

At Tamarit Motorcycles we have a wide range of Cafe Racer motorcycles among which you will surely find the right one to inspire you and create your next motorcycle custom project with Tamarit.


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