Valquiria, the new classic icon

Project 80 has made it possible for us to continue expanding our catalog of parts and styles with the introduction of our first Bobber Black.


Valquiria has paved the way for this new model of classic motorcycles, the Bobber Black, which sneaks into the Tamarit garage to stay.

As every time we create a project on a new model, this has allowed us to develop exclusive Bobber parts that are introduced on the bike.

The Bobber tribute to the 80’s

To build bike number 80 required a small tribute to the 80’s decade, for which Tamarit has created his interpretation of what a new Bobber would look like.

First female member of the Tamarit family

Belén, owner of Valquiria, was the first woman to lead a transformation project.

This bike project is special for two reasons, one because it is based on a new model that we had not used before, but also because it is our first project for a female member of the Tamarit family, something we had been looking forward to for a long time.

New Bobber Black seat

The main part of this transformation has been, without a doubt, the new Bobber seat developed exclusively for this model.

Valquiria introduces the new Bobber seat that you can find in the Tamarit parts section, developed to fit with the classic aesthetics of this model and style.

Along with this piece, others such as the sump guard or the front fender are also featured.

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Redesign of the rear part

Modification of the rear of the bike with a new accessory kit for the Bobber.

The Tamarit bike number 80 has had a redesign of the rear thanks to the addition of a new rear fender, an eliminator kit and chain covers.

This is a kit that has modified the original bobber design of the bike, while enhancing the current classic style of this category of motorcycles.

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What would it cost me a similar project?

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