Triumph Bobber Black price

The Triumph Bobber Black price depends on several varied factors, this imposing motorcycle is the take of the British brand of one of the most recognizable styles in the motorcycle world. Bobbers are light models with a striped back design, only carrying the essential elements. This style has a long history that began in the thirties in the customization scene in the US. As part of the modern classic series of the British manufacturer, this motorcycle carries its heritage in its timeless style and combines it with the latest technology, the Triumph Bobber Black price is around $11,950 to $13,150.

Bobber Black price

Imposing style and impeccable performance

This model has an imposing look that will not leave anyone indifferent, and an impeccable performance and handling. The 2020 model of this motorcycle has a 1200cc parallel twin engine, Showa forks, Brembo brakes, and electronic cruise control. This model also has spoked wheels, a small front fender, and a comfortable riding position thanks to the low floating seat and the high wide handlebars. As this model has higher specifications than its “standard” counterpart, the Triumph Bobber Black price is higher.

The impressive look of this motorcycle is in part due to its all-black setup, living up to its name, this motorcycle does not stop at the Black paint, but also adds black-out elements like the exhaust and the engine. The Triumph Bobber Black price of used models depends on the miles, the location and transportation fees, the year of the model, the overall condition, and the extra parts and accessories.

The price of the Bobber Black

The full potential of a classic

The Triumph Bobber Black reinvents the timeless style born in the thirties and combines it with all the comforts of 21st century technology. The simple and minimalist design of this model makes it an incredible motorcycle to customize. Our professional team takes care of every step of the customization process, from picking up a motorcycle to the final presentation and delivery. If a client has a clear idea for a customization but does not have a motorcycle already, our team searches the market for the best Triumph Bobber Black price. We create unique and personal designs for each rider, and we only work with the modern classic models of the British brand, which allows us to focus and better understand these motorcycles and all their potential.


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