New bobber style motorcycles

A bobber is a motorcycle style in which a motorcycle is stripped out of all unnecessary accessories. Born on the first half of the century on the United States, this style makes the motorcycle lighter and faster.

There are other characteristics that make this style easily recognizable besides the lack of non-essential parts. The single lower seat of bobber motorcycles and the high handlebar, force a very straight riding position. The wheels are separated and are of similar diameter, which added to the high handlebar, give a triangular shape to the motorcycle.

The British brand keeps surprising us with their modern classic models. This time we are talking about the new bobber style motorcycles and what we can expect form them.

New bobber style motorcycles

Bonneville Bobber 2021

In 2021 the British brand launched its latest model of this custom icon. This motorcycle has all the previously mention characteristics of a bobber, the diagonal line formed by the wheels, seat, and handlebar, while also incorporating the latest technology. This motorcycle breaks the mold with the long exhaust and keeping the mirrors, a part that is usually missing in most bobbers, and redefines what the new bobber style motorcycles can be.

New bobber style motorcycles

Bonneville Bobber 2022

This year Triumph gave us an update of the amazing bobber motorcycle. Similar as the previous one, this model redefines new bobber style motorcycles, respecting the tradition while making place for new technology and innovation. This model is now available in a new color scheme including red, gray and, of course, black.

New bobber bike

Characteristics of a bobber

Other traits that help recognize a bobber are the short fenders (sometimes only the rear one is present) the almond shaped fuel tank, and the matte simple paint work.

Even if bobber motorcycles have been around for a long time and it appears as if the style cannot be redefined, we have seen that this is not the case. At its core, bobbers were born as a customization style, and customizations can be as wild, original and rule breaking as they want to be.

New bobber style motorcycles in Tamarit

We have worked with all modern classic models of the British brand. With the introduction of our latest projects, we have been able to design new parts influenced by new bobber style motorcycles, like the new seat, rear fender, eliminator kit, chain covers and sump guard to personalise any motorcycle.


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