2022 Triumph Bobber

The 2022 Triumph Bobber is a classic motorcycle the British manufacturer, Triumph bikes, incorporated into their modern classic series. The Bobber is a style that began in the 30s and it took off in the United States in the 50s. Through the decades these motorcycles never lost popularity and began transforming to stay relevant in the market. Since the British manufacturer presented their take on the classic style, the Bonneville Bobber has been a remarkable success. The Triumph Bobber 2022 has the traditional style as well as the latest technology and improved performance.

Triumph Bobber 2022: The latest updated model

The Triumph Bobber 2022 is the latest updated model the British brand has presented, this model has not lost its characteristic style and has improved its performance with an impressive liquid-cooled ,1200 cc parallel twin engine, which has been updated to follow new emission restrictions, making it even more efficient. The fuel tank has more capacity with 3.17 gal., a needed modification from the previous models.

This motorcycle follows the classic low stance and triangular silhouette so characteristic of the Bobbers, it also has a single low floating seat, wide flat handlebars, a 16in. front wheel, and spooked wheels. The 2022 Bobber is available in Cordovan Red, Matt Storm Gray, and Jet Black, with the rest of the elements in black and chrome to match these colors.

The Bobber 2022 Gold Line Edition has the same specs as the previous model, the only difference being in its appearance. This special edition has a dual-tone design on the top of the fuel tank in Carnival Red and black, with a fine line in gold that gives it its name.

Triumph Bobber 2022: Custom design

Customizing this motorcycle means going back to its roots, the Bobber style began when people started personalizing their motorcycles to make them lighter and faster. The Triumph Bobber 2022 carries the tradition of this timeless style and arms the motorcycle with the latest technology available in the market.

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