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To buy Triumph Bobber can be a daunting task, this motorcycle is an imposing model with impeccable performance and a long history. As part of the modern classic series, this motorcycle combines a timeless style with the best of the latest technology, and with a simple, clean silhouette, it’s a perfect candidate for customization. In fact, the Bobber style was born as a customization trend in the first half of the last century. If you are looking to buy a Triumph Bobber to customize it, we take care of the entire process, ensuring the best deal and an exclusive design.

Specs and things to consider when buying a Triumph Bobber

Authentic and elegant

The Bonneville Bobber has a long history that is reflected on its look and an impeccable performance given by its liquid-cooled parallel twin engine. Presented for the first time in 2016, this motorcycle was manufactured and sold worldwide a year later. With five years in the market this motorcycle has been updated a few times, but there have not been any drastic changes from one year to the other.

The latest model presented by the British brand includes the same engine, low floating seat, high wide handlebars, and spoked wheels, but improves the capacity of the fuel tank. This year’s model is available in Jet Black, Matt Storm Grey, and Cordovan Red, when buying a Triumph Bobber it is important to remember that each color adds to the price of the motorcycle.

Other things to consider when searching for the best used model are the location, the miles and when the service interval is due, a test ride might be necessary to assess the general condition of the motorcycle.

Buying a Triumph Bobber to customize it

An exclusive modern classic

This model has an imposing look and a very recognizable style. However, the simple lines and silhouette make it a perfect motorcycle to customize.

Customizing a motorcycle requires a lot of time and patience, much of the same is needed to buy a Triumph Bobber. We specialize in customizations of motorcycles with a Bonneville engine, meaning the Modern Classic series of the British manufacturer. If a client does not have a motorcycle already, but knows exactly what they want, we make sure to search for the best deal to buy a Triumph Bobber and later customize it into the perfect design for every client.


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