2019 Bonneville Bobber

The 2019 Bonneville Bobber is a classic motorcycle manufactured by the British brand, Triumph bikes. Bobbers have been around since the 30s, and they began as fast and light motorcycles free of every non-essential accessory. Over the decades these motorcycles updated their technology to stay relevant in the market, and in 2016 the British manufacturer announced their first take on the classic style with the Bonneville Bobber.

The Bobber Bonneville 2019 is a reinterpretation of the classic motorcycles from the early decades that has been updated to follow new regulations and to offer the comforts of 21st century technology.

Bonneville Bobber 2019 : Classic series

The Bonneville Bobber is part of the modern classic series, and since its successful launch this motorcycle has been able to combine tradition with modern technology. The Bonneville Bobber has an impressive 1200cc parallel twin, liquid-cooled engine, and an electronic fuel injection system.

Shortly after its launch, the British brand presented the Bonneville Bobber 2019 Black, a motorcycle praised by its aesthetics, which won’t go anywhere without turning a few heads. This 2019 model has similar specs as the “standard” motorcycle but adds a complete makeover. True to its name, this motorcycle covers each of its elements in Jett Black or Matt Jet Black.

2019 Bobber Bonneville: Remarkable features

Besides the difference in looks, the 2019 Bonneville Bobber Black adds a few elements like the 16 in. front tire, instead of the previous 19 in., but maintaining the spooked wheels. Where the previous “standard” model had KYB forks, and Nissin brakes, the Bobber Black has a Showa fork, and Brembo brakes. This motorcycle keeps the classic style and adds an imposing look with updated performance.

Bonneville Bobber 2019 : Original custom

The Bonneville Bobber 2019 is a motorcycle that exudes character, many describe the Bobber as the original custom because people have been modifying it since the beginning. Its heritage and minimalistic disposition makes it a great motorcycle to customize.

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