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Tamarit Motorcycles is the biggest motorcycle with Triumph engine builder worldwide. A motorcycle custom build company with 100% Spanish DNA that in less than two years has become a reference in Triumph engines transformations.

If you are looking for a custom motorcycle builder, we can build your dreams motorcycle and send it right to your front door. With 100 motorcycles build and due to our specialization in Triumph engines, we are able to create unique bikes to our most sybarite clients in the world.

More than 100 motorcycles built in just five years

Tamarit Motorcycles has become the leading transformer of motorcycles with Triumph engines in the world, being a referent in its sector.

This expansion has given rise to what is known as the Tamarit family, a group of fortunate people who already enjoy the motorcycle of their dreams and have become part of what Tamarit Motorcycles represents.

The goal is to identify what style you want and how you plan to use the bike. We want you to have, not only a beautiful motorcycle, but one that also covers your day to day needs.

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Custom motorcycle builders

The custom motorcycle builder project starts with a first contact by email or phone, where you will be able to explain your ideas and you will be advised by professionals who will help you to get the best result. After that, you will be able to give shape to the bike of your dreams with the help of sketches.

As a Custom bike builder, our working method can be reduced to 5 steps:











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During the building process, the client receives a personalized treatment with a biweekly report on the status of the project. Once the transformation time is over, the motorcycle is sent to its destination place without any complications.

Custom bike builders services

To get a custom Tamarit project, we offer two custom bike builder services. If you already do own a Triumph motorcycle, we start the project with bike as a base.

In the opposite case, if you do not have a motorcycle which can be used as a base, our team will find the bike in Spain that suits the project needs.

After the motorcycle transformation, it will be sent to your front door.

Visit the custom bike builders in Spain

If you want, you can visit our custom bike builder installations in Spain. We offer the option of travelling to Spain to meet the team and our office/workshop, where you will enjoy a lunch with our projects team to discuss any motorcycle building process details.

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Customer testimonials

“These people are just amazing, they’re listen to you, they came with their ideas and they just make it happen.” Félix M. Bike #45 Appalachia
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