Triumph Thruxton Black

The Triumph Thruxton Black is a classic motorcycle with a sport style manufactured by Triumph bikes since 2004. With a series of major updates in 2016, the Thruxton has become a popular incorporation to the modern classic series. Named after a racetrack in Hampshire where the British manufacturer won all three first places in 1969, this motorcycle was born from success.

triumph thruxton

Thruxton Black: Main features

The chrome and metal parts of the Black Thruxton give way to others with black as a common denominator. The most striking is the engine, which although it already existed as a factory option to request in Thruxton 2019, now would come standard.

The fork bars are also black as is the LED headlight, which completely disappears the chrome except for two side anchors. There is only a slight gold tone treatment on the front bars to match the rear shock absorbers.

Other elements that receive darkened treatment of the Black Triumph Thruxton are the rims of the wheels (the spokes are still metal), and the exhaust should go in the same line although at the moment appears in the photos with a provisional or then offered as a more performance option and that now have eliminated the brand.

triumph thruxton 1200

Thruxton RS Black: Agile and intuitive

The Thruxton RS Black has all the design features, characteristics and quality of the acclaimed Triumph Thruxton R, and adds a more agile and intuitive ride, more contemporary styling and an unsurpassed level of finish and detail.

Our bike known as Ikigai is a clear example of a Thruxton RS Black, a Thruxton that is more powerful and lighter than its predecessor, with an improved engine and riding modes.

Triumph Thruxton Black: Thruxton Black by Tamarit

With clients from all over the world, we at Tamarit Motorcycles have customized over 120 bikes including our custom Triumph Thruxton Black 900 known as Gullwing, Titan, Juna and Black Moustache, as well as Thruxton Black R transformed and recognized under the names Malasangre and Sombra.


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