Triumph Thruxton History

The Triumph Thruxton history dates back, like other neoclassic motorcycle models, to the middle of the last century, when the production of motorcycles on an assembly line was totally exploding, because the motorcycle found its niche of users in society.

There are many motorcycles that want to take over the term Cafe Racer, but none can dethrone the Triumph Thruxton, which is still considered the original Cafe Racer. The Bonneville T120 that competed in the Thruxton circuit in 1961, was part of the birth of sport motorcycling and that event was the one that led to the emergence of the Bonneville T120 Thruxton. During the 1960s, a whole generation of young Cafe Racer riders chose this bike for its ideal combination of style and sporty performance.

triumph thruxton

Thruxton History: Improved ride

After this, it was not until 2004 when the Triumph Thruxton History and Cafe Racer concept returned with force to the catalog of the British brand. In 2016 it again underwent major changes that updated the Triumph Thruxton to provide it with an improved ride and features more in line with the new times. Currently, the British motorcycle brand has introduced a version with which it goes a step further, the Triumph Thruxton RS.

Triumph Thruxton history: The most advanced technology

This Triumph Thruxton history is the natural evolution towards a much more sporty and technological current, closely following the purity of the Cafe Racer esthetic. Both this and the previous versions (Thruxton 900, Thruxton 1200 and Thruxton 1200 R), are versatile bikes, known for their clear sporty approach and good road handling. On the back of this bike, you will have the feeling of riding a real classic motorcycle of the 60's but only on the outside, because inside it keeps the most advanced technology that provides power and safety.

Triumph Thruxton history:At the top

This sporty neoclassic was released as the road alternative to the Bonnie, with a much steeper riding position against the tank and set back footrests. Although discontinued for several years, the Triumph Thruxton history has managed to return to the top of the motorcycles thanks to its successful new reissues.


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