Triumph Thruxton White

The Triumph Thruxton White is known as the original Cafe Racer and there is no better color than white to represent the spirit of the old generation for its timeless character and ease of appeal to everyone.

The white color, besides evoking that neat, pure and elegant look that few colors manage to transmit, achieves both performance and classic finishes due to its easy and elegant combination with different and possible chrome finishes and details.

This is a classic motorcycle with a sport style manufactured by Triumph bikes since 2004. With a series of major updates in 2016, the Thruxton has become a popular incorporation to the modern classic series. Named after a racetrack in Hampshire where the British manufacturer won all three first places in 1969, this motorcycle was born from success.

triumph thruxton

White Triumph Thruxton: Performance Thruxton

At Tamarit Motorcycles we have styles of White Triumph Thruxton motorcycles with more performance, as Renatide or Julina. What sets these bikes apart is their enhanced speed, technology and high performance. Bringing a high level of performance and capabilities, a Thruxton White of these characteristics can take you to the maximum enjoyment.

Thruxton White: Classic Thruxton

In the same way, bikes like Claus or Babieca represent the most classic style within the Triumph Thruxton White by Tamarit. With its defined Cafe Racer style combined with a powerful engine, they become one of the best options to enjoy speed and adrenaline in every ride.


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