Triumph Thruxton 900 modifications

The Triumph Thruxton became, since its inception, the favorite bike for those looking to feel the power under the saddle, all without losing an iota of style and neoclassical essence in Triumph Thruxton 900 modifications. An engine that never leaves anyone indifferent and a safe bet to get a Racer finish.

triumph thruxton

Triumph Thruxton 900 mods

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Triumph Thruxton 900 modifications are now possible with Tamarit Motorcycles. Our modifications are not only about customizing certain aspects of the bike, we go further. We change each and every part of the bike leaving only the engine intact, which we open to paint it. Through our Triumph bikes modifications we seek not only to reflect the strong personality of our customers, but to tell their story and see it reflected in the choice of model, colors, chrome, details and shapes.

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