About Bonneville SE front fairings

Bonneville SE front fairings are one of the most wanted accessories for customizing Modern Classics motorcycles. It changes the appearance of the front of the bike to give it a more personal style. The front fairings are designed exclusively and customized to suit the customer’s taste, to adapt the Triumph Bonneville SE front fairing to the aesthetic lines of the desired style. The front fairings are made of fiberglass and the supports are made of iron.

Installation of SE accessories

When someone is decided to buy a part it means that they already know what they want. It begins appealing to the eyes, with polished and refined aesthetics that match the general look of their own bike or the one they are trying to achieve. The second step is an expected good performance on the road. For a biker, the feeling that their bike gives is fundamental. It is often difficult to explain it and the data does not explain it all.

But amongst everything, there is a middle stage in the customization of a bike that always gives some headaches and often forces the owner to go through a workshop: the installation of new parts or the replacement of them.

That is why in Tamarit we decided, as a founding principle, that all of our parts for Triumph bikes follow the Plug-and-Play philosophy, which means that every single one of them share the original anchor points from the British brand, and they can be installed at home without further complications (for most of the parts, when there are no electrical settings to adjust), hardly with any basic knowledge and with a handful of simple tools.

Custom SE accessories

Aesthetic, functionality and ergonomics: the three pillars we built all our parts on. To achieve that we have the best designers and engineers, that assure a top of the line finishes with optimal performances on the road.

All of our products are manufactured from the best materials in the market and they are available in a wide range of colors and textures. Furthermore, some of them allow a fully customization by the client, as it happens with the side covers.

Our commitment with Tamarit parts and accessories

We believe in what we do, that is why we offer a lifetime warranty on every metal parts. In addition, the rest of our products benefit from cost price reparation up to two years since the purchase.