Thruxton 1200 accessories up to measure

In any self-respecting company it is the same as in any boat: not only do you need a competent captain, but the course must be clear from the beginning. In Tamarit we had it very clear: we were not mechanics, but we loved motorcycles. We didn't want to specialize in an area that would lock our Triumph Thruxton 1200 accessories in a circle of specialists, but to take them to the roads of the whole world, and get into the sitting room of anyone who is passionate about neoclassical motorcycles the way we were.

It was in this way that we reached the conviction that guides us today in every step we take: our obsession is to sublimate in our parts and bikes the perfect blend of ergonomics, functionality and esthetics, with accessories made to measure for each bike and customized to the customer's taste, as in the case of the front masks and other side covers.

But for our founding principle to take on its full meaning, we could not forget one part, perhaps the most important: all parts had to be practically self-installable and be able to be fitted without prior knowledge of mechanics, with just a handful of tools. Thus arose the Plug & Play premise, which we apply to all our Triumph Thruxton 1200 accessories: they all use factory anchors and can be easily fitted, with the exception of those involving additional electronic adjustments.

Warranty of Tamarit parts for Thruxton 1200

In addition to the attention we give to the design of our exclusive Triumph Thruxton 1200 accessories, in Tamarit we are aware that manufacturing parts for Triumph engines requires the utmost rigor. That is why we work with the best national and international suppliers and hand in hand with top level engineers.

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